How far is our compassion for the other? So where would risk their lives for someone else?

It is true that what separates us from animals is the the capacity to reasoning, we have evolved with regard to human beings. I wonder if that is so well.
What I question when I see the carnage that humans commit against each other:

  • THE GENOCIDE IN RWANDA IN 1994 – perpetrated by some Hutus against Tutsis and some moderate Hutus – whose most famous phrase was: Do not spend a bullet in the trees (how it was called the Tutsi) for that reason they were killed machetes, going even some Tutsis who paid for their fire and not killed with machetes
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – husbands who kill their wives, girlfriends, ex-couples, parents who murder and / or violated their children
  • CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE – homicides, robberies and / or prey, which killed one person as by a chain or a pair of champion ; and like thousands of things that call into question of the reason that supposedly has the human being.

And at the other end of the case, the animal is said to only kill those of its kind by necessity.
And most amazing, what a few days conveyed the Chilean television, happened earlier this year.
On the highway Vespucio Norte, in Santiago, staying filmed by security cameras.
A dog that was crossing the motorway, was hit by several vehicles remained in serious condition, and most INCREDIBLE, AND THE LESSON OF more “human” another dog who saw it, draw all vehicles from the congested highway, reaching as far was his companion, and with strength, courage and zeal, dragging him up the most secure, making it among cars and trucks.

Keep up to the emergency services arrived on the highway.
The dog was run over died due to serious injuries, but thanks to his companion, was able to spend their final moments to secure p above all makes us think about this humanitarian gesture, that many times we, as human beings, we are losing.

Cases of animals with humanitarian gestures, in many cases better than the so-called human beings, we have:

* LA PLATA – a dog caring for a newborn baby, abandoned and wearing their puppies, saving the baby from a death by freezing

* IN THE INTERIOR OF URUGUAY – an abandoned baby was saved by a dog that had lost their puppies to a few days and feel the crying baby as arropo as if it were one of your puppies

* CHILD SAVE THE COLD BY TWO PUPPIES – the small jaylynn thorpe, survived the cold because the dogs were not separated from the heat and gave him enough

Many times even human beings, has no compassion for the animal, which could wait another human being, as a phrase of St. Francis of Assisi: “If there are men who exclude any of God’s creatures from the protection of compassion and mercy, there are men who treat their brothers in the same way. ”

This video is of two men who once had a lion in his apartment in london, and when they saw that grew and could not have it, through a specialist to reinsert it through education to their natural habitat, they were to visit, knowing talves that after several years do not recognize their former owners.
This was what happened:



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