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In Uruguay just start the Semana Criolla ( Criolla Week ), where the country side , the campo, arrive to the city to show their skills.
The food, the way they live, the riders,the crafts.
They take place in the Prado, call the criollas del prado and in the roosvelt park.

“…La doma propiamente es una faena rural llevada a cabo por la gente del campo, que se inserta en las actividades productivas propias del sector agropecuario; es un trabajo de largo aliento, para el que se requiere gran paciencia, mucho oficio y un amplio conocimiento de las reacciones y del comportamiento del potro. Un muy buen domador puede ser un fiasco como jinete, a la vez que un experimentado y eficiente jinete puede fracasar como domador…”

Poncho Apala en “80 años de Criolla”, de Xosé de Enríquez-Rebeca Kestler
Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

“… The horse itself is a task carried out by rural people in the field, which is inserted into the productive activities of the sector of agriculture, is a long-term work, which requires great patience, craft and much a broad knowledge of the reactions and behavior of the foal. A very good trainer can be a fiasco as a rider, while an efficient and experienced rider can fail as tamer … ”

Poncho Apala in “80 years of Criolla” by Xosé-Enríquez of Rebeca Kestler
Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay (sic. Eduardo Amorin page the says of Poncho Apala)

Its a time that peope get together to show how all Uruguay is, all we have, all the opportunities in the city and in the country side.

Its the meeting of the inside of the country and the capital, and many riders from all over of Latin America. The gaucho arrives to the capital of the country to show their skills, the ride, the meat, the enviroment of all the country side, the field.

Its the party of the gaucho and the countryside, the party and the meeting of both worlds in one, the party of a country, of the common people, the party of Uruguay and many riders and visitors that come for many countries as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, etc.

Visit us and enjoy the moment we are having.

If you want to know more about the Criollas, see more photos or know about the details of this days meetings and also to go another city to know what you can find in this april look this links.
They are great and very interest.
Beautiful and great photos in Eduardo Amorin page in Flick, thank you to him to let know Uruguay in this images and comments.

Schedule of the meeting in prado:


Schedule of the meeting in the Park Roosvelt Criollas:

Special calendar of Eastern Week:


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