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At this moment while I write this in Italy, L’Aquila, are under the state funeral of the dead from the earthquake in Italy, some 300 deaths, among which 20 children are killed, more wounded, most people who become homeless.

The destruction undertaken against Italy, this Holy Week, Holy Friday here today, let their dead.
Today in our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, that God gave his only begotten son to save the world.

Tears of pain, despair invades homes, families, today on this day that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is remembered among Catholic and believers, and Christians families and throughout the world, Italy one of the most Catholic countries, suffer maximum in pain all his people and follow the replicas of the earthquake continue to involve the possibility of more earthquakes, even for several days.
Today several lives, the life of Christ was released, have been biased, wiping our sins, too?, Will be the story that is repeated, only this time they had to die but to be able to save this world it seems to destroy what little we a little in every action you made or not made in the unconsciousness that no respect for others and the environment.

Today God hosts within each of these human beings for their salvation and ours for thousands of years as host to his beloved son, in his heart when he died on the cross.
Are saved in its delivery, that his death is expected and accepted by God.

God bless each household that has suffered from this disaster, god bless every human being at this time suffering the pain of a loss, as a people and as many other Italian who at the moment he loses his city, to those who struggling every day to keep bread on the table, support their families, educate their children.

In Italy all, god bless and protect them at this time of immense grief and give them the strength to move forward and not be overcome.

Italia piange i suoi morti.
In questo momento, mentre scrivo questo in Italia, L’Aquila, sono sotto il funerale di Stato dei morti dal terremoto in Italia, circa 300 morti, tra cui 20 bambini sono morti e più feriti, la maggior parte delle persone che diventano senzatetto.

La distruzione intrapresa contro l’Italia, questa Settimana Santa, Venerdì Santo, oggi qui, per non parlare i morti.
Forza Italia perche il mondo è con voi.

Italy cries its dead.24 years young Giuseppe Chiavarol one of those killed in the earthquake Laquila, one of the first private funeral.



En este momento mientras que escribo esto en Italia, en L’Aquila, se estan realizando el funeral de Estado de los muertos del terremoto de Italia,unos 300 muertos, entre los cuales hay 20 niños,son las victimas fatales, mas los heridos, mas las personas que han quedado sin casa.

La destruccion acometio contra Italia, en esta Semana Santa, hoy en este Viernes Santos, despiden a sus muertos.
Hoy en el que nuestro Señor Jesucristo, murio por nuestros pecados, que Dios entrego a su unigenito hijo, para la salvacion del mundo.

Lagrimas de dolor, de desesperacion invade hogares, familias enteras, hoy en este dia en que la crucificcion de Jesucristo, se rememora entre familias catolicas, creyentes y cristianos y por todo el mundo, Italia uno de los paises mas catolicos, sufre el maximo dolor en todo su pueblo y siguen las replicas del sismo que implican el continuar de la posibilidad de mas sismos aun por varios dias mas.

Hoy varias vidas, como la vida de Cristo fue entregada, han sido sesgadas, limpiando nuestros pecados tambien ?, sera que se repite la historia, solo que esta vez tuvieron que morir mas para poder salvar a este mundo que parece que lo vamos destruyendo poco a poco en cada accion que realizamos o no realizamos, en la inconciencia de que no respetamos al projimo y al medio ambiente.

Hoy Dios acoge en su seno a cada uno de estos seres humanos, para su salvacion y la nuestra como hace miles de año acogio a su amado hijo, en su seno cuando en la cruz murio.
Son salvos en su entrega, en su muerte que son admitidos y esperados por Dios.

Dios bendiga a cada hogar que ha sufrido este desastre, dios bendiga a cada ser humano que en este momento sufre el dolor de una perdida, a un pueblo como el italiano y como tantos otros que en este momento pierde a sus ciudados, a esos que luchan cada dia para llevar el pan a la mesa,mantener a sus familias, educar a sus hijos.

A toda Italia, dios les bendiga y les protega en estos momentos de inmenso dolor y que les de la fuerza para salir adelante y no dejarse vencer.




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  1. May God bless YOU. I will pray for your people.

  2. thank you marty for your words all are in god arms
    god bless every family every one that are having this moment

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