JOHN DEMJANJUK KNOWN AS IVAN THE TERRIBLE – Postponed at the last minute deportation to Nazi Germany’s “Ivan the Terrible ‘


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John Demjanjuk “Ivan The Terrible”, was arrested at his home in Ohio, April 14, 2009, with 89 years, the length of the law, the ever-present memory of those who suffered their humiliation in the field of Sobibor.

The Nazi John Demjanjuk, Ivan The Terrible, guardian of the Nazi concentration camp of Sobibor, located in Poland, was arrested  after all these years to deport him to Germany, weighed on the charges of 29,000 Jews killed.

Came in wheelchairs, because of their delicate state of health, on April 5 was to be deported, but the family won an allegation by saying that Germany producidira to take a risk to health delicate renal failure and anemia , health problems, etc.

Now wait again that an appeals court in Cincinnati to accept the request of his son, for there is no extradition has been granted his stay at home under electronic monitoring until the case is resolved.

Born in Ukraine on April 3, 1920, is a naturalized U.S. citizen, was accused of committing war crimes during the second world war in concentration camps of Sobibor and Treblinka during the period March to September 1943.

In 1977, he was sentenced to death in Israel, but then you condemn the sentence as former Treblinka camp guards told that the name of Ivan the Terrible was not Marchenko and Demjanjuk.

Therefore could not reliably verify that John Demjanjuk is also known as Ivan Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible, he denied ever saying that belonged to the Soviet forces and the Germans had been arrested and taken to a concentration camp.

One watching the images of a poor old convalescent, sick, almost unable to move maybe you come pity, pity, compassion, but it reminds one, in another era when 29,000 Jews passed through his hands and ruthlessly committed the worst and baseness harassment against other humans.

Say that those who have survived to see it, they would grant the extradition, or had the compassion to die at home with his family, like at some point they are not allowed to them.

JHON DEMJANJUK ALIAS IVAN EL TERRIBLE – Aplazan en el último minuto la deportación a Alemania del nazi ‘Iván el Terrible’

John Demjanjuk ” Ivan El Terrible “, fue detenido en su casa de Ohio, el 14 de abril de 2009,con 89 años, el largo de la ley, la siempre presente memoria de quienes sufrieron sus vejamenes en el campo de Sobibor.

El nazi John Demjanjuk, Ivan El Terrible, guardian del campo de concentracion nazi de Sobibor, ubicado en Polonia, fue detenido en Ohio, luego de tantos años, para deportarlo a Alemania, pesan sobre el, los cargos de 29.000 judios muertos.

Salio en sillas de rueda, debido a su estado de salud delicado, el pasado 5 de abril iba a ser deportado, pero la familia gano una instancia de alegacion diciendo que el llevarlo a Alemania producidira un riesgo en su salud delicada: insuficiencia renal y anemia, problemas de salud, etc.

Ahora espera nuevamente que un tribunal de apelacion de Cincinnati acepte la peticion de su hijo, para que no se produzca la extradicion, se le ha concedido permanecer en su casa bajo vigilancia electronica hasta que se resuelva el caso.

Nacido en Ucrania, el 3 de abril de 1920, es ciudadano estadunidense naturalizado, fue acusado de cometer crimes de guerra durante la segunda guerra mundia, en los campos de concentracion de Sobibor y de Treblinka, durante el periodo de marzo y septiembre de 1943.

En 1977, habia sido condenado a muerte en Israel, pero luego se le condeno la pena ya que ex guardias del campo de treblinka dijeron que el apellido de Ivan El Terrible era Marchenko y no Demjanjuk .

Por lo cual no se podia comprobar fehacientemente que John Demjanjuk tambien conocido como Ivan Demjanjuk era Ivan El Terrible, el siempre lo nego y dijo que pertenecio a las fuerzas sovieticas y que los alemanes lo habian detenido y llevado a un campo de concentracion.

Uno viendo las imagenes de un pobre viejo convaleciente, enfermo, casi sin poder moverse talves le venga lastima, piedad, compasion, pero al mismo tiempo uno recuerda, cuando en otra epoca 29000 judios pasaron por sus manos y sin piedad cometio las peores bajezas y vejaciones contra otros seres humanos.

Que diran aquellos que han sobrevivido al verlo, concederian ellos la extradicion o tendrian la compasion para que muera en su casa con su familia, como El en algun momento no se los permitio a ellos.




Demjanjuk Deportation


34 Responses

  1. They should just hang him, sitting in his wheelchair!
    Jail certainly is too good for him!

    • sure you are right like a human with certain values i say jail for ever but in the other hand i say pay for what you did i know it sounds crazy because of my two thoughts but is a difficult desicion

      anyway if someone make to my family or friends what he did i say kill him or i have to pray God help me to be able to forgive and not feel like justice or vengeance because maybe i wanted death justice

      thanks for your contribution and for visit the blog Klartexten

  2. I wonder how this nazi bastard could get an American citizenship?

    • thanks for the visit ed really i dont know i imagine as in the same way that in other countries sometimes they dont really know they are nazis you can see in the israel trial in 1986 they werent sure he was ivan the terrible, in other cases some countries allow the entrance because they carry gold or knowledge in this case i dont know exactly the reason

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  4. Leave the poor old man alone

    • thanks for the visit to the blog and your comment
      maybe is a possibility the question is the suvivors or family of suvivors dont need justice?
      i dont know really the answer to that
      sometimes i see him and i feel pity because of his age and health but in the other hand i remember what he did
      is a difficult decision i dont want to be in this judge places

      • What about all the war crimes committed by allied soldiers? Are they ever going to be taken to court? Of course not.

      • i think jazz that all crimes have to be taken to justice.In this case a different is the crime was a plan to finish with a a race with the final solution .It was a state political plan.In the other hand you have crimes comitted for diferent people that also have to be taken to justice.

      • God with be the only justice here. You cannot be sure…so dont take a chance on killing the wrong man.

  5. The Israeli’s found that he is not “Ivan the Terrible” of Treblinka.

    But he’s bad in his own way nonetheless.

    The noose solves all these problems. I fear that he will now welcome such a death, so maybe we should just imprison his ass for the rest of his miserable life.

    • thanks for the visit yes in the first trial israel says that is not ivan the terrible anyway is still the doubt because other documents that appear later
      is a difficult situation to prove if he is really ivan the terrible anyway he was guardian of sobibor

  6. Well, I have mixed emotions. They acused him of being Ivan The Terrible and 5 yrs later said he was not. That’s 5 yrs of his life gone. They says he was a Nazi POW….we all know POW’s have to do what they are told. Isn’t it possible that he was in fact a POW and MADE to do what he did to save his own life? Our own Vietnam POW’s went through hell and we are all aware of that. Could this not be the case with him? If he is guilty, beyond the shadow of a doubt with PROOF then so be it but I would be frustrated if I were him and his family if this is a witch hunt and this man is truly innocent. It’s a WHAT IF kinda thing I am trying to present. Thanks…

    • thanks for the visit lisa you are right is a difficult situation, but the things is if his ivan the terrible not only he take part he was one of the planner of the final solution state
      thats what also they wanna judge is he took part as a soldier as other prisoner with special work or if we plan part of the final solution
      anyway the family have to be very upset for that
      in the other hand journalism that take part in israel judgement say he dont be sad for what he did
      i know many people that took part in this kind of crimes never feel upset or guilty for their action
      but what you say is true we have to see all points of view in situation like that
      there are not easy to judge something that happen in a war is not a common situation, people do different things to survive.

  7. …P.S. ~ Do people not think that in 60 YEARS this man, like any other man, would have regrets for what he did….can’t people change? This was 60 YEARS AGO. I am sure he and his family are heartsick over this and losing him for good! How can a family deal with that? I would be crushed!!!!!


    • This wasent one of those regets of drinking doing this and that drug.this was killing inoccent people.So what about the 29000 people that were killed?Im sure they had familey to that were crushed . they did terrible things to people. HE did terrible things to people. i cant picture going through any of that . For someone to say that it was 60 years ago and no big deal is wrong . MILLONS OF PEOPLE DIED . murderd tourcherd eatin ect. stupid cunt

      • You, like so many others here, are assuming the man is guilty. Let him be proven guilty of something before condemning him.

  8. Hasn’t anyone heard of innocent until proven guilty? The pictures aren’t conclusive. Israel had him and THEY LET HIM GO. What does that tell you? It should speak clearly that this man is who he says he is and he was where he said he was. There is no absolute proof to refute this, beyond a dated ID that could be him or it could be someone else with similar features. Do you want blood on your hands for some misguided race for vengance? Do you want to kill an innocent man in the name of justice? Many of these posts sure seem to be a lot like the venom of the Nazis. You lower yourself to their level and start to sound just like them – kill …. kill … kill.

    It’s over and nothing is going to change the horrors that happened. Let’s move on and vow never to let such attrocities happen on this planet.


    David Michaels
    Akron, Ohio

    • Thanks David for your visit and opinion.
      First, Israel let he can go because they cant prove he was ivan the terrible the question there was the judicial charges, because in this process he was acussed as he was ivan the terrible, the different now is that he is a acusse but as sobibor guardian that different and could do the different to prove him guilty.
      Other thing in my case i dont thing his death solve anything i believe a process yes. He is old but many that died where old to-
      You have the reason he is innocent until proven guilty.
      Also as you i believe we have to move on but always remember the history for not repeat again, humans like to repeat the same history once and once. An as you say David, try to never let such attrocities happen on this planet again.
      Thanks again or your opinion and your point of view.

    • Well said… I agree totally. I look at his ears and they dont match. Ears don’t change except get a little bigger. People are most blood thirsty and quick to say guilty when they think they have someone….and all along it could be wrong.


  10. Oh, I think it’s just great that he’s being tried as a different war criminal. If he makes it through this trial without dying and is proven not guilty I’m hoping that perhaps Poland or Czechoslovakia will find someone else to accuse him of being some other Nazi guard and maybe we can see him die in prison yet. Not that it matters if he actually is a Nazi war criminal or not because as long as someone old enough to have been in a concentration camp (who can remember accurately faces and events of almost 70 years ago) can accuse him of being one we’re sure to see him in prison until he dies. Ahh sweet justice!

    • thanks for your opinion i can only say that someone that meet him if he was a guardian of a camp concentration could remember him, the ones that stayed in a camp concentration never forgot the faces of these people until the day they died, it is incredible but i talk with some people that can describe exactly a face of the guardians or the nazis that visited the concentration camp.

      • That sounds good but studies have proven that details in people’s memories start deteriorating in a very short time. They may be able to describe what they believe someone looked like but, without something like a picture, people’s memories of details that would allow them to pick someone out of a lineup fades and changes within weeks. Given the affects of time the aging process itself and dimensia it’s difficult to believe any witness could provide an accurate description of a person they haven’t seen in 60+ years.

      • yes as a law enforcement officer for over 20 years….I can tell you peoples accounts fall apart in minutes after a traumatic event yet alone decades and decades…………

  11. John Demjanjuk is a good man who has done nothing wrong. He is mistaken by on other person and the evidence against him is falls. His trial in Israel has proven that he is not guilty at any crime!

    • i dont know he is guilty or not about the trial in israel one found him guilty the other not, the problem was they mix too things, one if he was part of sobibor guards , the other is he was ivan the terrible , as they mix both things and dont prove the second the superior trial has to say there is no prove enough to say he was ivan the terrible, that was about the trial in israel
      anyway, the only which know the truth are himself and the ones who died or survive in sobibor
      thanks for your opinion

  12. Some of you people are complete and utter fools….

    Excerpts from a review for:

    The Demjanjuk Affair: The Rise and Fall of a Show-Trial, by Yoram Sheftel. London: Victor Gollancz, 1994

    An Evil Campaign to Frame an Innocent Man

    Reviewed by Lesya Jones

    The fast-paced and ebullient style contrasts chillingly with the grim and sinister content. Sheftel amasses incontrovertible evidence which proves that the Demjanjuk affair was not simply a case of mistaken identity but, rather, a deliberate and cold-blooded conspiracy by superpowers United States and former Soviet Union, as well as Germany, Israel and Poland to withhold exculpatory evidence in their possession and send to the gallows an innocent no man’s man. These countries did this in pursuit of their respective agendas.

    In the United States, the Office of Special Investigation (OSI) at the Department of Justice, which was established to investigate alleged Nazi war criminals residing in the US, was particularly zealous in its efforts to destroy Demjanjuk. Having just lost a series of decisions, the OSI was, in fact, fighting for its life. Congressman Joshua Eilberg, Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Immigration, wrote in August, 1978, to US Attorney General Griffin Bell re the Demjanjuk case: “We cannot afford to risk losing another decision.” This anxiety was shared by Alan Ryan Jr., who headed the OSI from its establishment until 1981. In an interview with a local Alabama newspaper in 1991, Ryan reminisced: “If we had lost that case, we probably would have had a very short life span.” In other words, “the OSI conspired to shorten Demjanjuk’s life in order to lengthen its own.”

    • i think people is not fool for have different point of view only means we think different and the liberty of thoughts
      we are in democracy and it that way we can say what we think anyway are different opinions

  13. Begin your education on the subject of John Demjanjuk by discovering that when he was convicted and sentenced to death in Israel, it was for crimes committed by an entirely IMAGINARY Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka, as I have demonstrated under the title BLURB BIOGRAPHY OF JOHN DEMJANJUK, SO FAR at

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