eduardo-galeano-las-venas-abiertas-de-latinoamerica-copia3OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA NOW AT V SUMMIT OF THE AMERICA

The work of Eduardo Galeano, has always been recognized worldwide, but due to the V Summit of the Americas, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gift to U.S. President Barack Obama  book sales were going  in the portal Amazon’s from position 60,280 to position number ten.

The Open Veins of Latin America, the book of a Uruguayan writer and journalist Eduardo Galeano, there is an essay on the situation in Latin America since the European colonization of America to contemporary Latin America, arguing with narratives and chronicles, the situation is Latin America has undergone since the looting of their natural resources by colonial empires of the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The work was published in 1971, when it looked latinoamerica shrouded in political and ideological confrontation.

According to Galeano, it took “four years of research and gathering the information I needed, and about ninety nights to write the book.”

In 1973, Galeano should go into exile if the situation in Uruguay, had become untenable because of the military coup.
Therefore the book was censored for many years in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay itself.

The book consists of two parts:

1). The poor man as a result of the wealth of the land

2). The development is a journey that most shipwrecked sailors.

It also features an introduction that is called: One hundred and twenty million children in the center of the storm

and a kind of conclusion as was done in 1977 justamenten 7 years after the first publication is called: Seven years later, in which Eduardo Galeano says that in place things started to improve, they will worsen.

Eduardo Galeano, has dedicated part of his life to denounce the abuses that were committed in Latin America against imperialism, being regularly present in the alternative political forums.

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