Have been fulfilled 10 years of the Columbine slaughter, the time has passed, and how many questions have remained unanswered, for family, friends, inner circle and the whole world in general.

We could have prevented what happened? The parents of those kids who committed the massacre did not realize that their children were not in their right mind? The possession of a weapon will be the culprit?

There is someone responsible for all this in addition to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who were the ones who killed their comrades, when the April 20, 1999, came armed with two guns (one cut), a Hi-Point 995 carbine semi-automatic 9 mm, a Tech 9 semiautomatic pistol caliber 9 mm, several explosive devices and a homemade bomb consisting of a propane tank, 9 kilograms, school attended, the Columbine High School in Jefferson County in Colorado.

When they entered and shot everyone in the cafeteria and library, killing 13 people (12 students and one teacher) and wounding 24 people before committing suicide.

With flags at half-up marks the tenth anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, 13 bells in remembrance of those killed were ringing at the Congress state, whose names were read by a circle of volunteers.

The director of the institution, Frank DeAngelis, who promised to remain in office until all preschool students who were on the attack they graduate, was among those attending the ceremony Monday.

Tom Mauser, who lost her son Daniel for 15 years in the shooting, he addressed the audience to tell the “pain and trauma” still feel that all those directly affected by the tragedy.

“While remember this day, not dwell on the pain and trauma. But do not ignore the fact that it happened there and the pain and the trauma is still there for some people,” said the father in the act of Littleton.

Have passed and the pain remains intact for many, the memory is indelible, has left standing in those who suffered a loss that day, the wounded and those who belong to that community.

Similar developments have again occur in United States and other countries, one wonders by when and what can be done to prevent such acts and whether there is any way to prevent them.

A remaind for all who died that day, a candle lit in his memory, a reminder not to forget, and not repeat the same story.

1. Rachel Scott, age 17, killed by shots to the head, torso, and leg on a grassy area next to the West Entrance of the school.
2. Richard Castaldo, age 17, shot in the arm, chest, back and abdomen on the same grassy area.
3. Daniel Rohrbough, age 15, killed by a shot to the chest on the West Staircase.
4. Sean Graves, age 15, shot in the back, foot and abdomen on the West Staircase.
5. Lance Kirklin, age 16, shot with wounds to the leg, neck and jaw on the West Staircase.
6. Michael Johnson, age 15, escaped from the grassy knoll with wounds to his face, arm and leg.
7. Mark Taylor, age 16, shot in the chest, arms and leg on the grassy knoll.
8. Anne-Marie Hochhalter, age 17, shot in the chest, arm, abdomen, back, and left leg near the cafeteria’s entrance.
9. Brian Anderson, age 16, injured near the West Entrance by flying glass.
10. Patti Nielson, age 35, hit in the shoulder by shrapnel near the West Entrance.
11. Stephanie Munson, age 16, shot in the ankle inside the North Hallway.
12. Dave Sanders, age 47, died of blood loss after being shot in the neck and back inside the South Hallway.

The videos are from jcox92,xmichaelmyersii,PicoELoro,nevertoolate90 who are youtube members

If you wanna read in spanish the article make a click in the link below (si quieres ver este articulo en español clickea el link de abajo )


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