1389.9 Holocaust AThe deportation of John Demjanjuk, also known as Ivan the Terrible finally took place, the retired worker of 89 years, was transferred on May 11, in a jet to Munich to address justice German office of implication in the murder of prisoners in the Nazi concentration camp of Sobibor in 1943.

The defendant’s son, John Demjanjuk Jr., said hours before that one will appeal to a federal court.
“Given the history of the case and that there is a shred of evidence that has ever hurt a single person, let alone anyone who has killed anywhere, this is inhuman, even if the courts have said that it is legal , “said Demjanjuk Jr.

Monday 18 of May, John Demjanjuk faces with Germany justicice, where have to response against the accusation that is over him.
In this hearing there will be a formal accusation against John Demjanjuk,who is said to have been guard Sobibor extermination camp, anyway he denied he was a guardian of sobibor camp and said he also was a prisoner.

John Demjanjuk, be detained in the prison medical unit of Munich and the German authorities have committed themselves to receiving adequate medical care.

The transfer is done, days later in a German court rejected the request for cancellation of deportation was only saying that United States courts, which could decide whether or not deportation.

John Demjanjuk, is moved in medically conditioning jet for health and is now expected to arrive Tuesday morning in Germany.

This puts an end to deportation years that justice was involved in and take it brings in terms of their deportation, and in 1986 the United States deported him to Israel, where after a trial that was performed, could not be concluded reliably, John Demjanjuk, was Ivan The Terrible and a guardian of sobibor, after that he returned to the United States, where he lived as stateless persons, when he returned from Israel, because is it says that united states retired his north american citizen anyway in the other hand others   said that the united states return John Demajanjuk the citizen after Israel dont continue with the trial.
Since 2005, a U.S. court ordered his deportation, arguing that it was a guard at the Sobibor concentration camp.

At last it came time to face justice for John Demjanjuk, many think the sense of state to spend so many years and this is a sick man, old man who maybe is not much of life, but the important thing here that was not always this old man, but another man who does not care that children, women, men, elderly, end up in a gas chamber.

After all this time many will have peace of mind or feeling that justice has been served, they have justice, and in his time did not, and were treated worse than animals, they are not respected as human beings, at least John Demjanjuk, a process will not just something you did with many people and sent them to death for having a different race, a different religion, a way to think or live differently.

For all the souls that were there, by those who survived, which were, and those who are coming today for those who I say: NEVER AGAIN.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m sure a 23 year old nazi gaurd had a lot of clout to make stragetic decisions and order others around.

    • sure he knows a lot of things but he will not say anything in his before trial in israel he dont say nothing and many persons that were there were suprise because of his behaviour, he didnt say a word and dont showed any kind of emotions.
      As someone says anyway he is not a nazi guard he had to to show some emotion and they never saw something like that.
      Justice sometimes is slow but always arrived specially in this kind of cases.

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