before the shot and how the face get after the shotAbout 5 years ago, Connie Culp‘s life took an unexpected turn due to violence, the violence of her husband. Began a discussion of words, and that ended when her husband took a shotgun and shot her to the face, changed her life. Her face was disfigured, but it was not only the aesthetics of your face, which was affected, but also losing one eye, unable to breathe by itself, but it had a tracheostomy, not to feel the taste,80 percent of his face was disfigured.connie-clup-pic-afp-getty-215770343 Her face was shattered by the shooting, her life was shattered, and for 5 years lived a nightmare, undergoing 30 operations to achieve a dignified life more or less like her and all we deserve, until one of the greatest acts of love face4another human being can do for another one, organ donation, Connie Culp was allowed to undergo the operation in December 2008, 22 hours, by Dr.Maria Siemionow , in the city Cleveland. That goes for anything that science has made wonderful progress, that a family at the time of pain over the death of a loved one think more about the possibility of a better quality of life for Connie Culp, where violence makes us lose respect for the life of another, the sense of possession of a husband, he thought that was right about life and death of his wife, Connie Culp. All think that the husband of Connie Culp after something like this would have a severe sentence even for life, but they are 7 years of sentence to which he has been sentenced, I believe that very little when the life of Connie Culp has been destroyed even if today it is giving an opportunity for better, missing almost two years of operation, and I can never have a normal life because not only are the physical injuries but the emotional lessons that remain. What pass to humans who do not respect the others life ? not value the integrity, dignity of others, the right to live, and that if love does not exist but that does not give us the right to think that it is our possession.

I hope Connie Culp, not just heal her physical wounds, but also can heal the soul injures that are sometimes more difficult to heal and life will derive her an opportunity to overcome, to be happy, to make progress in the day to day.


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