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4a23b8a10aa2b_330_!The passport expired saved his life. Joao Marcelo Calaça (37 years old) with a north american friend think to take this flight but at the momento to check in he discovered his passport was out of date.

When he realized that he thinks to talk in the desk of air france but at the same moment he thought there was something that make he could not take this plane so he decided to stay in Brazil.
His friend do not want to leave him alone so i decided to stay with him.

After a few ours they take knowledge the flight was disappeared.
They feel happy but at the same time sorry because of those who make this trip.

How would everyone feel in a case like that ? Is it a betrayal to the death or it is a god decidion or a new opportunity that life gives them?

In the last news, it is said that in Senegal there where some remains of a plane, they do not know if it owns of the plane A330 – 200 of Air France.
Both Brazil and Senegal are looking in their coast with help of french planes.

The nationalities of the passengers are:

– 61 french
– 58 brazilians
– 26 german
– 9 chinese
– 9 italian
– 6 swiss
– 5 from lebanon
– 5 britain
– 4 Hungarian
– 3 irish
– 3 norway
– 3 slovak
– 2 spanish
– 2 from morocco
– 2 polish
– 2 united states
– 1 south african
– 1 argentine
– 1 austrian
– 1 belgium
– 1 gambian
– 1 iceland
– 1 philliphines
– 1 romanian
– 1 russian
– 1 turkish
– 1 canadian
– 1 estonian
– 1 dutch
– 1 swedish
– 1 danish
– 1 croatian
In the case of Argentine, the news of this country said there were two argentines in the flight maybe one of the passenger have double nationality.
The french authorities do not allow to give by the press the name of the passengers because of a law that forbit this.
Brazilian television

Cnn news


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