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The first remains of the plane of Air France AF447 an air bus A330-220, were found in the Atlantic Ocean about 656 kilometers of the Brazilian coast, the authorities should lose all hope of finding anyone alive.

What is striking is that the accident was a plane with a relatively new and highly advanced technology, so what happen that make unable to continue flying.

They said that received in Paris, 10 automatic emergency notices, that is very strange because the plane is made to not have so much problems together and the more strange thing is that the pilot seems not to realize of that, that means that the plane have a general problem that was imposible for the crew to notice only the emergency alarms could feel this.

The latest revision of this aircraft was in April 2009 and its construction dates back to 2005.
Among the passengers were killed 4 children and a baby.

resizeimg.phpPaul Dreyfuss an argentine that flight with his brazilian wife, who are part of an ONG call ” Live Rio “ in Brazil from violence, besides Paul Dreyfuss,  is the son of Argentine publicist acknowledged Gabriel  Dreyfuss.

Gabriel Dreyfuss said: ‘All we hope is a miracle. “

Paul Dreyfuss one of the most important international specialize in combating trafficking in weapons and was working against violence and trafficking of arms in a nongovernmental organization (NGO), his father was a publicist Gabriel Dreyfuss political campaign of former president Raúl Alfonsín now deceased currently addressed to the Civic Coalition Elisa Carrio as presidential aspirant.
His work partner say goodbye in their web, the text says : “You have marked our lives forever. You had an honesty beyond reasonable limits,” reads the text.( ).

Also in the flight A 447 of the Air Bus A 330-200 one of the passenger was the princess Pedro Luis de Orleans e Bragança, member of the old royal family of brasil and descend of don Pedro II, last emperator, about 10 sellers of the electrical distribuitor CGED were in the flight because they won vacation in Brazil with their spouse; the tire manufacturer Michelin lost weo managers from Brazil and a french engineer.
The president of Michelin in South America, Luiz Roberto Anastacio, 50, was promoted on May 4 and travel to France to know their colleagues.
Arthur Coakley,61 years old, PDMS oil engineer, was working in Brazil. He was on a flight before a seat, but he was transferred to the jet crash because the first was full.
A woman that is a french nationality but with uruguayan nationality too, was visiting her all family in Uruguay for three months and have to return France, but that was her last trip.

32907A history of love also ends in this flight of Air France. They just get marry, Bianca y Carlos Eduardo, they got marry the day before of the trip, they think they would have the most lover honeymoon and took this fatidic flight A330-200 Air France flight to Paris.

Their story was a love story he a lawyer, her wife Bianca a student of medicine that in december will be graduate their love was interrumped for the tragic flight AF447.
The dentist Ronnel Jose Amorim, who traveled to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate his 35 years at the home of his parents, he returned to Paris on Air France aircraft

italianos--253x190Part of the passengers also were Italian politicians Giovanni Batista Lenzi, MP from the province of Trento, and Luigi Zortea, mayor of Canal San Bovo, besides the chief of staff for mayor of Sao Paulo, Marcelo Parente, who boarded the flight in the company of his wife

Many others died in this terrible disaster, many souls lay in the atlantic ocean. For all of them a pray, for their souls and all the force to their families.


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