0275330BThe Brazilian goverment and the Brazilian Air Force says that the remainds found in the Atlantic ocean not belong to the flight AF447 of air france disappear the 1st of june.

The brazilian marine collected luggage in wooden boxes that why they say not belong to this flight AF447 from air france, because the airlane dont carry wooden boxes.
Anyway, all that is collect in the Atlantic Ocean, will be taken to Fernando da Noronha and then to Recife, where experts from air france will analized them and after will be send to France.

Another thing is the oil found in the ocean now is this discover that not belong to a plane.

Although this remainds found in the atlantic ocean are not part of the flight AF447, there is no hope to find someone alive.
The crash is secure but some pilot says that see in the sky a ball of fire, that means the plane exploted in air with that there is a doubt of what some authorities says in the moment of the disappear of the plane, the possibility of a bomb, a terrorist attack.

6085All the hypothesis that exists in this moment no one is confirmed, the most terrible things is for the families of the passengers: what happen? where is the plane ? where are the remainds of the flight AF447?
I hope a light of hope or answers for all this question can be solve, for their tranquility, for their mental peace.

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