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David Carradine, best known for this role playing of Kung Fu in the serie for tv made between 1972 and 1975, created by Ed Spielman.

Kung fu was a serie that talk about the adventures of a shaolin Kwai Chang Caine ( in which adult role playing was make by David Carradine, and the youth playing by his half brother Keith carradine ), a man of peace, in his trip throw the old western of united states looking for his half brother Danny Caine and to start a new life after Chinese autorities put a reward for him.

David Carradine was born in 8 december of 1936 a son of the actor Jhon Carradine and half brother of Keith Carradine and Robert Carradine.
He started his film carrear with the western Taggart in 1964.
After he took part of the serie Kung Fu, he was boxed in this role playing for years.
In the 90s, he made a second part of this well known serie: Kung Fu: the legent continue.

Other films he make were:

* down River in 1984
* The serpent’s egg a film for the great director Ingmar Bergman in 1977

and other films but always have the same problem be boxed in a role play for the kung fu serie. His carrear start to bright again when Tarantino put in the film Kill Bill with Uma Thurman the name of David Carradine in the screen.
He returned to television with a serie in the Fox Channel call Final Time.

In this 2009 the film Big Stan was brand where David Carradine make the role of a brutal teacher of martial arts remembering part of his time in the serie Kung Fu.

The past 4 of june of 2009, he was found death in a room of the Hotel PArk Nai Lert in Bangkok ( Tailand ), where we was filmimg with the french director Charles de Meaux the film Stretch.
The first version says was a suicide taking in ming he realized in an interview he tried to comitted suicide many years ago when he have drugs and alchol problems.
After that his agent said was a natural death but the autorities of Bangkok said after all this hypothesis, that what really happen was an accident when the actor David Carradine,he died for asphyxia when he was trying a masturbation by asphyxiation autoeroticism ( a kind of sexual estimulation to increase sexual pleasure ).

Anyway there is not still a final declaration of what really happen, maybe they could discover something new after all, by the first moment they said he was alone for that reason and give up apart suicide the other option was an asphyxiation autoeroticism practise that could make that David Carradine died.

Few persons know he also sings and was a very good sculture, painter.
David Carradine was a complete artist in many kind of arts from an actor a director but also like a musician, composer, painter, sculture, he lived for the art in wide variety.

For many of us he will be always Kwain Chang Caine, this character that when we were child we enjoyed to see for many hours, we lived his aventures with him.Remember the moment at the end when we saw him walking and his back continuing his way in the search of a new life.
And the word of his master “little grasshopper”.

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2 Responses

  1. tragic loss; his show was a standard for Kung Fu cinema around the world

    • thanks for your visit
      yes you are right i saw this serie of tv when i was a little child everyday i came home very quick to see it

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