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3603378733_e04669fc3f_oThe first remainds and bodies of the passengers of the flight AF447 of Air France start to appear in the Atlantic Ocean in this weekend.
The brazilian army start to recovered them, some of the bodies are in a french frigate “Ventuse” and the others in the brazilian army boat “Constitution”, that will take them to Fernando da Noronha and after to Recife to be identified.
The number of bodies that appear are 17 but the autorities said than in all those days will appear more bodies.

Some of the families of the passengers of the flight AF447 stayed in Fernando da Noronha waiting for news.
The bodies were found at 70 kilometers from the last signal of the flight af447 before the disappear.

Until this time, 17 bodies were recovered in the search area, in addition to dozens of structural components of the plane AF 447
Col. Henry Munhoz, a spokesman for the Brazilian Air Force

Captain Giucemar Tabosa Cardoso, of the navy, said that more bodies were found floating in the area, which will be collected timely manner, but did not detail how many.

Also they collected hundreds of objects belonging to the 228 people who were on flight AF 447.

In the search and rescue of the remains of plane and the passengers involved 12 aircraft and 2 Brazilians French, together with 5 boats from Brazil on Sunday joined the ship of France.

A nuclear submarine from France will arrived on Wednesdar to find the black box, which is vital to understand why the plane crashed while in modern storm on Monday.
The “Emeraude”, a sofisticated nuclear submarine of France is equipment with powerful radars to help detect the beacon of the black box, which is active for 30 days.

One of the problem that now autorities think could be the booster for the accident is that the pilot of the flight AF447 was operating the vessel at a speed dangerous, because they relied on faulty speed readings, as researchers believe.
They autorities of Air France said that start to change five weeks before the accident but only after a disagrement with the owners of Airbus about the propose of the manufacture to have evidence before changing.
The agency responsible for air accident in France, BEA, said Saturday that it is still too early to establish whether the problems with speed sensor, known as pitot tubes, were causing the situation.
Airbus spokeswoman refused to comment on the issue and said it could only discuss the investigation with aviation authorities in France.

I hope all the families and friends can find peace in God or their religious beliefs, and finding the bodies to be buried as it should, maybe not much when you lose a loved one but be sure of something and not live in limbo.

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