nethayahuduringthespeechThe speech of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday June 14, was with several surprises, as in previous speeches were denied the possibility of a Palestinian state, in this last speech, he opened the door to the existence of two states, State of the State of Israel and Palestine.

Albeit with several conditions, such as non-existence of an army in the State of Palestine, using the example of Andorra, a European state with anthem, flag, border, head of the government but without an army, and especially the condition is recognition on the part of Palestine from the existence of the State of Israel.

“If we get assurances, we are prepared to accept a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state,” Netanyahu said in a speech this evening at the Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv and academic bastion of Zionist nationalist movement.

“Two people lived in peace in the region, with national anthems and flags.”

Mapa_terriotorios_palestinas_con_colonias_de_israelThe Hamas group described as “racist and extremist speech to Benjamin Netanyahu, to see if the authority is governed by the Palestinian group Al Fatah, can join the two existing positions in Palestine, although it is quite difficult, since in the Palestinian Territory there are now fighting between Hamas, which has said it will never recognize a Jewish state, and pronouncing that the Jew should not exist and has called the inquifata and jihat group and that the government with Fatah Mahmoud Abbas at the helm as principal authority in Palestine.
The Palestinian Authority to govern in this part of the West Bank while Hamas has been established in the Gaza Strip.

One of the most demanding positions that the Palestinian leadership has to do with the settlers and the expansion of settlements, to which the Israeli government in a way has undertaken not to build more settlements, but has not said anything regarding the expansion existing ones, but we must also recognize that time and has already done so Israel is to withdraw the settlers.

Most important of all this is to see how realistic it may be the existence of the two states of Palestine and Israel, as there is much pain, a lot of hatred through, too many deaths and clashes, entire generations who have lived in war missing their loved ones, these people said today as it must kill all live in peace tomorrow.
There is also group Hamas, who lives in the war on terrorism, could demilitarize ?, these men and women could return to peaceful coexistence and peaceful with its neighbors, even if today is immolate carrying bombs on their bodies.
When a mother cries because her son was proud blew and killed several Jews.
It is possible that these two states can coexist?

And Arabic is also the matter, the rest of the Arab countries as Jordan, Iran, Iraq and throughout the Arabic League, accepted the existence of the State of Israel.
The support of Barack Obama and his speech about the need for negotiation and the existence of two states: Israel and Palestine, the desirability and economic and political support that you may make several different countries Arab League countries to support this proposal ?.

I wish it was all so easy to say a clean sheet, but in my opinion is impossible when there are groups like Hamas and wing Jews, who never accepted coexisting with each other, and when they knew he could step to reach a good agreement or Israel was making many concessions as some citizens and committed the murder of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin by an Israeli ultraconsevador and with the death of Arafat, who is still in darkness with respect to said it could have been poisoned by being too soft because the Israeli.
Mahmoud_Abbas_2007Mahmoud Abbas survive if he accep in from of the international community  the right of Israel to exist as a state?

Desire as a citizen of this planet that the Palestinian – Israeli and could be addressed together in peace, but must say I am quite negative in that aspect, because I am in the place of those mothers who have watched their children die, or have been victims of attacks misilis, I might forget and live in peace with my neighbors when they are responsible for that?

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  1. The Palestinians already have three nations – Jordan, PA, and Gaza. That they have made of sewer of the latter two (PA, GAZA) is their own fault. That they have not made a sewer of the first (Jordan) is to the credit not of the Palestinians, but of the Hashemites.

    • thanks for your visit to my blog
      yes there are many palestine in jordan but is not there nation dont say that to a native jordan they will be a bit angry
      but anyway a part in the frontier most of citizens are palestine
      in many way they are trying to make a country but with bombs and people died for all the places is difficult to grow up a country

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