fiat y chryslercautos copiaWith the mediation of President of the United States, Barack Obama, the destinies of Fiat and Chrysler were united, a few hours after a supreme court of the United States, rejected a request by minority creditors of the mark in Detroit to stop the transaction .

Chrysler entered into an arrangement with creditors on April 30, and the sale of 20% with an option for a further 15% to the Italian company Fiat has managed to leave the judicial process.

Fiat with the buy of Chrysler becomes the sixth company of the automotive world with a production of 4.5 million aatutos, Fiat, led by Sergio Marchionne, even expected to increase to six million units of something essential to be profitable .

It is assumed that this new fusion can we get at Chrysler will be better and that this “marriage”, which had already generated 11 years ago with Daimler Benz, since both the Fiat and Chrysler are going to different audiences, in addition to the Fiat in the Latin American market has a good presence that could take Chrysler.

Now it remains to see that happen with the General Motors (GM), and also requested that the declaration of bankruptcy, according to “Chapter 11,” the U.S. government should invest $ 60 million for the restructuring of General Motors and streamline it leaves bankruptcy.

The new GM will emerge from bankruptcy will be a 72.5% controlled by the Treasury, by 17.5% by the fund Veba United Auto Workers union and 10% by creditors, who may call on a 15 % in two blocks of 7.5% each exercisable to the achievement of certain thresholds capitalization.
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