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avionesyemeniaThis time in the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean.
Have spent less than a month since the air france flights af447 of en route from Brazil to France, plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, and now the Airbus 310 flight IY626, operated by Yemeni carrier Yemenia Air airline carrying 158 person that fell into the sea near the Comoro Islands , the majority of the passengers of France.
It is the second tragedy involving France in less than a month.

It is assumed that the accident was a result of the poor state of the device.

It was learned that there is only a couple of surviving 14 years already in the hospital Maaruf in the capital of Comoros, but had also spoken to a child of 5 years had survived the tragedy.

According to witnesses of the tragedy, the plane upon arrival at the airport Moproni descended to land but could not achieve it climbed back up and disappeared.

French authorities have said that 45 Comorian and 66 french had boarded in Paris and Marseilles, changing planes in Sanaa, where several passengers jumped from Cairo, and Saudi Arabia, Dubar, capital of the republic of Yemen, an A310-300 Yemenia airline to continue the journey to Moroni.

The plane belonged to the ill-fated line of Airbus in 1990 and operated from October 1999 in the Yemeni company, as reported by Airbus. He had 51,900 flight hours and more than 17,000 flights.

This recalls the accident happened less than a month ago on the road Brazil – France with airbus A330-200 flight AF447, who disappeared the night of June 1 with 228 passengers none of whom survived, now another airbus A310-300 Yemenia 158 company that also collapsed, the French authorities have expressed their deep concern, as most flights passegers were French in both flights.

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