The situation in Honduras, has been complicated, Manuel Zelaya on Sunday decided to return to Honduras after a week the Army took him out of his country home, from his post as president and left him in Costa Rica.

OAS (Organization of American States), had given the authorities now in power in Honduras, so they changed the course of what they were doing and returned power to Manuel Zelaya.

The Saturday 4th of july, the deadline is met, and Honduras, in a large rally and press conference too, the president Roberto Micheletti practicing, said they would not abide by the orders of the OAS and also waived in the OAS.
Although, according to Miguel de Insulza, OAS Secretary General, saying that such waiver was not validera, because the authorities only recognize as international president Manuel Zelaya.

This Sunday at a press conference given by Roberto Micheletti authorities that accompany it, have had to return to reality, are being isolated in the international community.
For that reason offered to talk with the OAS, to explain why it took the decision to remove Manuel Zelaya of the presidency.
It also said it would not be allowed that the plane that brought down Zelaya, as this might create further conflict and further violence in the population.
On the other hand, say that the military forces of Nicaragua, are moving towards the border with Honduras, and was asked to Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua to halt that progress, in which Daniel Ortega hours swear to their homeland, for their children that there was no movement of troops on the border of Nicaragua against Honduras. Roberto Micheretti also said that if nicaranguenses forces or other country to move forward and come on Honduran territory, Honduras and the Honduran army will defend itself.

The main thing in all this is that the president came to power to be done Zelaya, Roberto Micheletti, he realized that his position and that of Honduras, are on a tightrope because the whole international community is giving back to the which has had to lose the position I do not care what they say all the governments of other countries to believe in dialogue with the OAS.

After all this happened on the afternoon of Sunday, a plane moving Venezuelan Manuel Zelaya, who came from Washington DC, wanted to land at Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa.
The plane was accompanied by Argentine presidential plane, with the president aboard Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the president of Ecuador, the secretary of the OAS, Miguel Insulza and the UN secretary Miguel d ‘Scotto.

Toncontin airport, was closed at noon, and was advised that would not shed any land to make themselves known or who had already warned that aterrizaria thus indirectly to Zelaya warned him not to let him down.

Zelaya’s followers went to the airport in Tegucigalpa, when it was anticipated that arrivaria, facing the armed forces, cutting the roads to the airport, and military confrontation between supporters of Zelaya, with sticks and stones by the followers and smoke bombs through the Honduran military was for several minutes, the military tried to break the demonstration which was impossible.

0282130BWhile the riot occurred at the airport in Tegucigalpa,  a shooting happened in which said two people died, belonged to followers of that Zelaya would take the head of the airport runway, for landing the plane of Zelaya.

The Red Cross already has acknowledged the death of a person in these confrontations, only confirmed one,which may be another ingredient to increase the level of dangerousness of the demonstrations.

In the end, as Manuel Zelaya’s plane landed in El Salvador term, bescause is not being able to do in Tegucigalpa, the waters calmed down a bit.
Although in any way, it is expected that more demonstrations are carried out because it has uncovered a boiler that had been contained and the pressure has increased to very high levels.

Now we can ask what Manuel Zelaya will do , try to return to Honduras or travel back to Washington DC, the other side of this conflict as the OAS to take the proposal Roberto Micheletti and his people to talk to see how you can quit any Honduras this situation.
and the main thing, the country is almost stopped by strikes, curfews, fear of the population, which passed with the Honduran people that is who pays with his life, with their economic situation, with its freedom, the vagaries of partisan politics

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