meeting oscar arias zelaya and micheletti copia


The meeting in Costa Rica, this 9th of june, between Manuel Zelaya and Roberto Micheletti with a conciliator or arbitrator or of bringing the parties Óscar Arias, President of Costa Rica, Nobel Peace Award.

On the one hand can be seen as a defeat because Zelaya as Micheletti, were not the faces, in a way maybe it was better because who can deal with a man who is president of the republic, and it was hijacking of your home and it expelled from the country and on the other side who believes he did well to save the country from a president who was against the law and also engaged in drug trafficking.
On the other hand, Oscar Arias, who in this case received two presidents of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya and the expelled who took power with the coup, Roberto Micheletti, who holds the presidency for 10 days in Honduras after the coup d’etat, without the consent of the international autoridaes but with the consent of his country, were able to talk with the president of Costa Rica, Óscar Arias, separately which is a step to make that Honduras back to democracy and their normal lives.

Zelaya it is to endorse the return to power, immediately, which is very difficult because both Roberto Micheletti and other authorities have said that new elections will be made in November 2009, also now has nearly half the country against bringing a chair at this time of Zelaya would be almost impossible, because the Congress and other authorities are against him.
Also branded as “criminal” Manuel Zelaya to Micheletti.

When Micheletti arrived at the airport and know that Zelaya was with Oscar Arias, so decided to wait, saying that it was for security reasons but the reality is that it does not want to deal with Zelaya.

Which could have averted a confrontation between the two in which Oscar Arias rather a mediator and conciliator, would have had to make a referee of a boxing meeting, taking into account the situation that are Zelaya and Micheletti.
Roberto Micheletti, was for a few hours in Costa Rica to Honduras back immediately, but leaving in the brotherly country of Costa Rica, for a commission with the commission also created by Manuel Zelaya, go find a solution or points to be treated as by Zelaya and Micheletti, for a reunion between the two rear, which can find a solution to the conflict in Honduras.
The commission has already held its first meeting.

In the words of the Costa Rican Minister of Communication, Mayi Antillon, the important thing is that “the dialogue has been initiated and is being talked respectfully.” This is a “first step” which aims to “break the ice” to set the agenda of issues to address, for which Arias is listening to the positions of both sides.

Now what remains is that both sides are willing to seek a solution, to compromise their expectations for the sake of the Honduran people and said Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica, “dialogue does miracles but not immediate, since both and different positions are found.
“I am satisfied because it has initiated a frank, sincere, however positions are very different. These things take time, require patience” – Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica.

The beginning of the solution or the conversation toward a solution have begun, we will see if the two commissions can achieve dialogue and of any agreement if they leave for Honduras this situation or in their eagerness to revenge or to take advantage of the situations end up creating more distance or more deep confrontation between Hondurans.


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