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The Republic of China and a tinder existing in the autonomous region of Xinjiang of China, an ethnic clash between the Uyghur and Han ethnic groups.

From July 5 this year 2009, when 156 people died and more than a thousand injured, in a riot between the police and the minority Uyghur following a peaceful demonstration.
But the situation in the region of Xinjiang, has been in dispute since several years ago.

The Uighurs have existed as a tribal federation from 460 and 545 years, ruled by the Juan Juan, establishing a Khanate in the eighth century, which spread from the Caspian Sea to Manchuria and lasted until the year 840, when they were defeated by the Kyrgyz, Uighurs should migrate to new territories, including the present regions of Xianjiang and Gansu in the People’s Republic of China.
Are related to other peoples of Central Asia, including those of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and also with Turkey, with similar linguistic, cultural and religious traditions.

 During the Ming Dynasty, the Uighurs, close ties with various ethnic groups in China, but to get the Qing dynasty to power imposed tight control in the region of Xinjiang, causing widespread dissatisfaction of the Uighurs.

Until in 1933, became independent as the Republic of Eastern Turkestan, being ruled by the Uighurs until in 1949, with the help of the Soviets, the Chinese returned to take control of that region.
Many of the Uighurs, they had to go into exile, which had been proposed by the Cultural Revolution Mao during 1966 – 1976, repression against their faith, their customs and the abandonment of the region and the repopulation of the area by ethnicity china Han, which the Uighurs became minority of their own land, but not only as people but also those who were displaced from positions of power and choice that have been made by the Han.

Xianjiang , is the largest region in China, of 1,600,000 square kilometers, but is sparsely populated due to the hostility geografic it presents, such as the Taklimakan Desert and the Tianshan mountain range, is close to the region of Tibet (which is located south), also with China against their ethnicity, who does not respect the existence of the Tibetans themselves as independents, putting extreme pressure, even the Dalai Lama’s choice, not recognizing that the Tibetans chose .
The population of the Uyghurs were Buddhists or Christians, in principle, Nestorians, but from the V century, were converted to the Muslim faith.
On the outside, large groups of exiled Uighurs seek an independent East Turkistan called meeting at the World Uyghur Congress, which has its headquarters in Germany, covering a population uyghur disceminada the world of 20 million, from United States , Sweden and Germany.

The tensions between Uighurs, the ethnic Han Chinese and Beijing have been happening in 1990 as a step in Barem in which 50 people died in August last year when the Olympic Games were happening.
The most important was when two people threw grenades at a tourist in the tourist town of Kashgar on August 4, 2008, four days before the start of the Olympic Games which caused 16 deaths.

The problem we are currently happening are brought from the past, what has happened is that several facts have made this powder keg that is exploited from time immemorial.

In late June, in a factory workers there was a confrontation between Uighurs and the Han, which killed two of the Uyghur ethnic group with which the July 5, took out a march in the uyghur which have a major riot with the chinese police, with the balance of 156 dead, official figure which means that the dead are more.
On July 7, the Chinese have decided revenge ethnicity and out into the streets with sticks and rods for the Uighurs face, trying to enter the mosque Hantengri, where they had taken refuge several Uighurs.
Which Hu Jintao has to suspend its participation in the G-8 summit of returning to Beijing.
It was decided that thousands of soldiers moving into the capital city Urumqi shielding.
This has not prevented lynchings that are happening at the hands of Han against the Uighur ethnic group .
Chinese authorities have said that whoever is convicted of murder can be sentenced to death.

The situation is difficult in the province of Xinjiang, as the ethnic problems in all parts of the world where rights are not respected and the customs of each village and reached a racist or is that an ethnic group or dissapear, not exercise its rights as a citizen, as a national group, which is always sooner or later is that that ethnic group does not anymore and decides to take up arms, violence breaks out, sooner or later, a turmoil would happen in this kind of situation.

Beijing, said that the exiled Uighurs, mostly gathered in the World Uyghur Congress, also supporters of the activist Rebiya Kadeer, exiled in the United States are those who seek to exercise pressure against China, the proponents of terrorist sabotage or attitudes of the Uighurs in the province of Xinjiang, which might support, or disseminating ideas or the creators of this turmoil or riot , that every citizen has rights, but if you are there, who lives there does not need to be told to do something sooner or later you are forced to be or who you are forbidden things because they belong to a particular ethnic group, and that is operated like a domino falls the first tab and the rest will follow, is a chain of violence, anger, racial hatred is produced.


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