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ATTACKTOAMIA1994 copiaThe Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association ( AMIA ) collapsed after a traffic van with explosive in a terrorist attack crash on their building.

I still remember that day like it was today, my country, where I live, Uruguay, is in the west of Argentina, it’s the city of Cologne is only few kilometers from Buenos Aires. We have a saying that cross the river, we are in Argentina.

It was a July 18, 1994, Uruguay was celebrated in the Declaration of the Constitution, and it was a holiday, not much to do, and the slogan was lifted late, turned on the television, I always like to start the whole day what happening in the world.
It was 9:53 when the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association ( AMIA ), was attacked by a car bomb, the news began to arrive in Montevideo, it was chaos from the city of Cologne came to see the smoke of the chaos that was happening then in the neighboring country.
The first one was kept and brought, there was nothing safe, but soon the first images started arriving, I thought that the war in the Middle East, was at the door of my home, looked like the Lebanon, Beirut, were not things that happened in Latin America, spoke of a car bomb, a terrorist attack carried out by Hezbollah, which could happen other bombs and the danger involved.
The embassy, schools, Jewish institutions throughout Latin America began to close, appeared the police cordons were I knew that I could escape the intellectual authors of the Uruguayan border, so here also began to create chaos.

amia pain and waitingAnd began to appear early survivors, bloodied faces, people with their members amputees, mothers screaming for their children, children by their parents screaming, children crying, people were hugging and shared their pain, tears, silence, pain, rage, the lust for revenge.
All in all, thousands of feelings, many questions and most importantly, WHY?

Why an  attack in a  charity institution?

The WHY  were growing, people running, game journalists and the news also shocked by what you see, several people immediately went to help remove stone by stone to find people alive, the hospitals were filled, injured, dead, relatives looking for loved close support of the people who went to donate blood, to accompany those who were alone and seek and find their families.

It was said afterwards that there was a big mess to begin with the first investigations, rescue survivors, but that would be done if no one expected anything, if you are not prepared, and the solidarity they had not thought that it track techniques for investigating only one who thought the remains beneath the building at 600 street Pasteaur of AMIA, it needed help.

LOC-AMIA-6-17/07/98Tears running down all the faces, silence indicating the presence of death there, cries for help and relief, cries for help.
Night, police called for silence to hear the voices of those who were still alive under the rubble, floors and floors of the building, those who still had an air wing to call for helps.

And in that silence of the thousands who were there the night attached to the city of Buenos Aires, and all being silent, accompanied heard screams after hours of tireless work of nurses, the rescuers, doctors, firefighters of people in general, there was still hope, even three voices were distant but alive.

Two people were rescued, alive, injured, hungry, sore, stunned with grief and rage, the AMIA building, I knew that I could be back to collapse at any time, while firefighters struggled to find the third person who had heard shouting and more survivors, collapses part of what is left, runs, screams, the present danger, never ends, and those who were there to save had to be saved from this also that derrumbre wounded and almost costs them their lives.

Hours passed and still struggling against time, hopes were lost, but even at night, the hours spent in the voice, the third voice was still heard, and the hand, arm still attached to his rescue was the voice of JACOBO CHEMANUEL of 56 years who worked in the field of AMIA maestranza who stay after 40 hours under the rubble were rescued alive.
It was the symbol of hope, that there was more chance of finding them alive.

But wanted life, then to struggle to survive under the rubble for more than 30 hours after the fight of those who helped him get out of there, three days later at University Hospital in the city of Buenos Aires, Jacobo Chemanuel, employee of the AMIA, Argentine, died.
It was also at that moment that I switch off the flame of hope of finding more survivors of the terrorist attack on AMIA.

That attack on July 18, 1994, it cost the lives of 85 people, but a small boy who was 5 years with his mother walking down the street Pasteaur to the doctor.

Whose hand was severed from his mother at the time of the explosion.
Besides the 85 dead, are those who survive with permanent physical injuries as limb amputations, and those who will never return to a normal life as they had before the physical and emotional problems.

1acussed of terrorism of atack to the amiaEven today, 15 years later, no trial, just Techelldin prisoner, who had sold the truck traffic white who committed the attack, and arrested anyone else, anyone else who has been through the hand of justice, that nobody else revindique the attack, the Iranian authorities, turning to face a situation that compromises its ambassador and cultural attaché of the Embassy of Iran in Argentina, who have international arrest by Interpol.

Nobody is responsible, no one faces the hand of justice, no one faces those victims, those families, all of society argentina, Jewish, and every man who knew of such suffering.
Nobody who explain that one away from a small hand of her mother, WHY?a girl 20 years can not be the professional that she wanted to be, WHY? the dreams of marriage were broken, WHY? some children have no father, WHY? some parents  farewell to their children that morning and never see them again, WHY? part of  a  generation  not born because it is not allowed, and more that that, without answers, without the courage to face what was done if had the courage to do and not to face the consequences.

That investigations were done poorly, it is not known how to react, there was a cover of the authorities including ex – Argentine President Saul Menem, who this year was brought before the judiciary in this case, that Iran ( that supports the Hezbollah groups ) does not deliver those who committed the attack terrorist who had met in Iran a few months before deciding the next targets of terrorist attacks and three cities were selected and chosen by the first Buenos Aires, which police were arrested, prosecuted and then released because they belonged to internal group that helped make the terrorist attack on AMIA, that thousands and thousands of files have been created and no one has been prosecuted, that even today 15 years later is expected by the Justice and has not even arrived and families, children , mothers, husbands, wives, parents and all are still waiting because justice act and has an answer to that WHY?.

Hopefully, this new public prosecutor act in the case now that the new authorities, the international community and all those concerned to reach this responsibility to answer this WHY?.
And although this is a response of inner peace, of justice, can receive all who love this terrorist attack on AMIA.

Today July 18, 2009, 15 years after the July 18, 1994, when the AMIA building was destroyed by a car bomb that hit their home in Pasteaur to 600, is a time for reflection, for that this attack was not only against the Jewish community, was an attack against all of Argentina, was an attack against humanity, was an attack on Latin America, telling physically km far from the Middle East, but the war on terrorism, it our doors, without thinking of who it hurts.

A tribute for all those victims, those killed, the survivors, relatives and all those affected in one way or another.
A memory for those who decided to commit this barbarity, ask them how they can live with that on their consciences, as you sleep, as you can watch your children face when they killed the children of others.
A remember to the authorities, the people elected them, that have a civil and moral responsibility to response for.
A keepsake for every human being who populated this blessed planet, often do not respect the dignity, responsibility, integrity, freedom, democracy, justice, are precious assets that we must not forget that and we all have the right and take the responsibility to maintain and enforce them ours and those of others.

the victims of amia copia<

Publish spot remember the victims of AMIA – GOODBYE – 15 years
AMIA 1994 Original Footage

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