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Latest news, Zelaya supporters waiting at the border to Honduras for Manuel Zelaya, were attacked by military forces in the first time they said that would use only tear gas but apparently sa soldier started shooting and several protesters were injured and being removed immediately by the Red Cross.

Protesters raise their flags and sing the national anthem of Honduras while more soldiers are around them by soldiers and policemen.
The confrontation has begun, at times of calm, but still can not get Manuel Zelaya, which may even worsen the situation.

The caravan of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, is 100 kilometers to the border between Nicaragua and Honduras.
Military forces await Manuel Zelaya deterno up to the court order there.
The population in Tegucigalpa, continues with their daily activities, but what will happen to expectant.
A curfew has been imposed during the day (already exist for the night), after a few hours ago, so to stop Zelaya’s followers and their opponents, trying to avoid confrontation between the Hondurans.

Most important in this situation is, what will happen when Manuel Zelaya pass the border to Honduras, a bloody confrontation?
The OAS and the United States have asked Zelaya, not falling to Honduras, and called for both sides as both Zelaya government that made the coup d’etat with Roberto Micheletti in the lead, responding to the solution presented by the president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias.

I wish there is not a confrontation between the Hondurans, because politicians groups think more in their own interests than in the interests of citizens .

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