influenza a h1n1A new outbreak of swine influenza (N1H1) was developed in Mexico City in Michoacan, it was hoped that with the arrival of summer is over, but it appears that the  strain of influenza N1H1, there remains even when the heat has arrived.

It also has been seen, the swine influenza virus is changing, which can create more problems, whereas the vaccine is happening is the first strain of influenza N1H1 outbreak that occurred .

Health authorities have said that people should not be neglected in the swine flu, although it seems that has disappeared or that latent or stagnation, the reality is that it is still new and more outbreaks are occurring .

Will wait to see how you react N1H1 influenza (swine flu or N1H1), and that the new strain is not more dangerous than the last.

And most important to follow any instructions given by the World Health Organization, maintain standards of personal hygiene and in places we’re living or working, or where we can go.

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