venezuela and colombia confrontedThe situation between Colombia and Venezuela is becoming more complicated due to the 7 military bases that the United States established in Colombia with the permission of President Alvaro Uribe, to which Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez, has said that those bases mean for Venezuela, an extreme danger and the possibility of a war in South America.

The incredible thing of all this, is that supposed to Colombia is an independent country with its own sovereignty, so if you want to allow any country to put military bases on its territory can do so with the consent of Congress’s own country in the most cases.

Therefore it would not be necessary or desirable for any country in the situation is inmiscuyera except for those bases that generate a hazard to another country, or were used to provoke a war which is not the case.

But in their eagerness to be noticed Hugo Chavez, speaks of a war in South America, from Venezuela to buy more weaponry from Russia to secure its territory, but his real something that is a fallacy that tries to enter the Venezuelan remain in power and become a martyr or as a second Simon Bolivar, forgetting that Simon Bolivar was one who was a hero and liberator.

The purchase of more weapons by Hugo Chavez is an excuse to later look poor to say the “great empire” wants to attack us and we have to defend, defend that, if the foundations are to stop drug trafficking, for go against the FARC, as is indirectly tell us that we are involved in that.

I wonder if, for example, China, Cuba, Russia decided to put military bases in Venezuela and said no other country can not do it, I would say Hugo Chavez of interfering in his country another country, would not say we want to infiltrate, they want to break our sovereignty, and would be right, because no one would have to deny Venezuela do something like that, unless these bases were to attack another country.

More correct in its assessment, was the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, which fall against Colombia to allow the establishment of military bases in his country, said the FARC, to continue their attacks and guerrilla confrontation , kidnappings and assassinations, all that creates is that the United States, established in Colombian territory.

Hopefully all this is not politically manipulated by people as much as they want, is to use a rhetoric to inspire the people to them, to get votes, and still stuck to the presidential chair forever, the important thing is the citizens and country that are always overlooked in these efforts of the great political upstart.


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