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(22 February 1932 – 26 august 2009)

Republican Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy, passed away of cancer victim who had been fighting against since 17 May 2008, when he was in the hospital from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, USA) victim of a suspected stroke, Two days after, would confirm that it was a brain tumor.

Days after surgery for brain tumor that, I return to his political activities in Congress, until the day of his death.
He face his illness with courage and never gave up, is more known for his speeches to the health, convicion to overcome disease, and in the days when Barack Obama, was to assume the presidency of the United States, Ted Kennedy, was ill, but rose from his bed to attend the presidential inauguration, as most important was the mainstay behind the presentation of Barack Obama to the presidency and his subsequent election.

Since 1995, when his mother dies Rose, had become the patriarch of the Kennedy family.

Hermanos_Kennedy His political legacy is exceptional, although at the time was not taken into consideration as much as his brother Robert “Bobby” Kennedy (who was killed in 1969 when he became the greatest candidate for president of the United States) and his other brother John Fitzgerald Kennedy (chairman of the United States,kill the 22th november of 1969 in the city of Dallas).
One of the main causes has been the subject of medical insurance, especially taking into consideration their own struggle against cancer, was the engine on which President Obama was supported by the Congress.

Also laws on discrimination against disabled persons, in each of the various presidencies that followed in the United States, the framework provided their presence in the United States Congress, llamandosele even the “Lion of Congress”.
Even in the final moments of his illness, he cared about was the succession in his seat in Congress, calling for a vote on a law, which would streamline the choice of who would succeed him as congressman when he died.

Since 1960, long before it was fashionable to put the issue of Medicare, Senator Ted Kennedy, and was fighting for universal health insurance.

He entered politics in 1962 when he ran for a seat to Congress by the state of Massachusetts and earned his first political office.

Ted Kennedy, was present to contest the presidential nomination by the Democratic Party in 1960, but Jimmy Carter won.
In previous years it looked like a good figure to win the presidency, but in 1972, due to an incident in 1969, “Chappaquiddick incident”, in which he was in a car and died a young woman of 19,Mary Jo Kopechne , who was secretary of his brother Robert Kennedy, was marked for many years in the political field, but always respected and admired this incident will always remain as a black dot on his political career.

The Chappaquiddickde incident in which Sen. Ted Kennedy, driving his car driving off the road and fell into the water at Martha’s Vineyard, died in that accident, the former presidential campaign aide to Robert Kennedy, Mary Jo Kopechne.
At its worst point was that Ted Kennedy, fled and did not recognize the place of driving the car was going to last several days, this marks his long political career for him out of the possibilities of hope to the race for the presidency United States, which did not stop him becoming the “Lion of Congress.”

The Chappaquiddickde incident was of paramount importance not only for the first time Ted Kennedy did not recognize what had happened, but also because it was thought that perhaps Mary Jo Kopechne, could have been saved if he had given immediate notice of accident, also in this time Senator Ted Kennedy, was married, which he described the situation of “immoral conduct” and began questioning his sobriety at the time of driving.
Ted Kennedy is said to have had alcohol problems, and erratic behavior, situations that were modified over time, especially his great change was his marriage to Victoria Reggie. Kennedy

A few days ago, his sister Eunice Kennedy, passed away, she was founder of the Paralympic Games, is the only woman whose portrait, in life, appeared on a U.S. coin, the silver dollar commemorating the 1995 Special Olympics

His son, Patrick Kennedy, a representative for the state of Rhode Island, but has said he may not catch up to Ted Kennedy, and in some ways, the political legacy of the Kennedys, has completed the last of the three brothers most important race in U.S. politics, has died.

Ted Kennedy has been a political framework that your stay in the United States Congress, his speeches were eagerly anticipated, people went to Congress to enjoy his speeches that were given with great emotion, with great force, as he called for move and give strength to the Senate, his policy proposals, his eagerness to win approval of laws, political support for the president as Barack Obama has been the inspiration for a whole generation of politicians. Respected and admired by teammates and opponents, even in the divergence watching a great admiration for Ted Kennedy, which often did not know how to cope in Congress.

Words from the Kennedy family, “Edward M. Kennedy, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle we love so deeply, died late Tuesday night at home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.
“We lost the irreplaceable center of our family and a bright light in our lives, but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live in our hearts forever,” said Kennedy’s inner circle.

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  1. Rest in peace. The Kennedys seem to be cursed…

    • thanks for your visit i hope you enjoy the blog.
      The kennedy is a mark of the history of the United States and its incredible Ted Kennedy was the only one to achieve old age alive.

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