The motto of the Olympic Games is “In the name of all competitors I promise that we will participate in these Olympic Games, respecting and complying with the rules that govern it, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams. ”

That slogan was broken by those who attacked this healthy spirit of competition, overcoming, harmony between countries, even friendly political or racial differences, a group of men with ideas that can not accept the difference of others attacked the spirit olimpico that Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the modern era brought back to ancient Greece.

The Olympics have always meant joy, sport, party, friendship, meet thousands of nations coming together for a common purpose, to show the world the bonds of friendship, healthy competition, actually, where the sport, the color of the inauguration party, farewell, mark historic moments.

But that September 5, 1972, all changes when a group of terrorist group “Black September” broke into the premises of the Olympic village in Munich, and taking hostage Israeli athletes.

Eight members of Black September, climbing the six-foot fence surrounding the complex of the Villa Olimpica, wearing tracksuit and carrying guns and grenades in bags, invaded the apartments of the Israeli delegation was staying to take them hostage.

The wrestling coach, Moshe Weinberger, hearing noises in the apartment door pounces on it trying to lock and giving the alarm, in moments of confusion 9 athletes were able to escape and 8 are hidden.
The wrestler, Joseph Romano, who was returning from lunch were faced with one of the terrorists, and killed by a bullet, the wrestling coach, Moshe Weinberger, who try to attack one of the members of with a fruit knife, also was shot and killed after that the terrorists took hostage: David Berger, Ze’ev Friedman, Joseph Gottfreund, Eliezer Halfin, Andrei Schpitzer, Amitsur Shapira Kahat Shorr, Mark Slavin and Yaakov Springer.

The members of Black September, who carried out this attack were Fedayeen (is an arabic word فدائي that comes from the Arabic verb fada, meaning “show adhesion” refers to those fighting for political reasons, and can be translated as militant , fighter) Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan and was composed of: Luttif Afif (the team leader and three of his brothers were also members of Black September, two of them in Israeli jails), Yusuf Nasal, Abmed Afif Hamid, Khalid Jawad, Ahmed Chic Thaa, Safady Mohammed Adnan Al-Gashey and his cousin Jamal Al-Gashey.

The demands of the terrorist group Black September were:
the release of 234 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and two more in prison in Germany as well as insurance be transferred to Egypt.
Israel’s response was swift and was the motto of the Israeli authorities had always been felt: NOT DEAL WITH TERRORISM.

The negotiations between the German authorities and the hijackers belonging to the group Black September, primeron had a deadline of 12 noon and then until 17 hours in Germany, met the deadline without the demands were met, were expected to kill all Israeli athletes hostage.

But in the words of only one of the Black September terrorists who participated in the attack at the Munich Olympics of 1972, the order I had was that if their demands were not met, requesting a plane for the terrorists themselves and for hostages to take them to some Arab countries.

The German authorities knew they could not afford that so they decided, would attack terrorists in Fürstenfeldbruck airport where helicopter had been brought in members of Black September, along with the hostages.
He had bet 5 snipers (or cops who made sniper rifles because they had no long reach, they had no telescopic sights, or the necessary weapons to be considered snipers), had chosen the number 5 and that he believed he had 5 terrorists and only when they realized they were 8 to leave the Villa Olimpica, not informed about the snipers at the airport Fürstenfeldbruck, this change in the plane he hoped to transport the terrorists and hostages, the crew was dressed as police officers from the crew of the plane, but at the last moment when they saw it was a suicide mission, defected, bringing the rescue plan if it was already suicidal, and the chances of rescue hostages and were nil.
The communication between the snipers did not exist, the order was once one started shooting the other sniper shot.

When the head of the terrorist group searched the plane saw that the crew was not, which realized the ruse of the German police, shouting to his companions went terrorists, and the airport lights were lit with Fürstenfeldbruck balazera one which would continue for about two hours without knowing who was shooting and passing with the Israeli hostages, who were tied to the roof of the helicopters could not leave them.

One terrorist threw a grenade wounded and one of the helicopter, which burst leaving the hostages at the mercy of fire and burning and dying screams overran the silence of the night, another of the terrorists released a burst of machine gun to the second helicopter killing the remaining hostages.

None of the hostages survive, trapped, bound in the helicopters were not able to run, escaping for their lives, dying at the time.

Only three of the hijackers were able to survive and be arrested by German authorities, but was hijacked a Lufthansa plane on 29 October 1972, with a route from Beirut to Frankfurt, and the demands were that the three hijackers were placed release, which the German government did not consult with anyone rapidisimo.

The only survivor of the hijackers now Munich 1972, Jamal Al-Gashey, recognizes that this was a screen, a deception made by the German government, which sought to get rid of the terrorists of Black September, also calls for terrorist attacks and not get over all hide their inefficiency of what happened at the airport Fürstenfeldbruck.

The three surviving Black September terrorists were welcomed as heroes in Lebanon and all Arab countries, meanwhile the Israeli government launched what was called “Operation Wrath of God “, in which post-dates the release of the three terrorists, and the slaughter of 5 September 1972, several of the participants also physically and intellectually in said action in Munich, were killed in different parts of the world.

What happened to the German government failure to rescue the hostages?
The press had a right to transmit all risking the lives of the hostages, as broadcast live to be conducted an attack against the building to rescue Israeli athletes?
What happened to the International Olympic Committee went on as if nothing had happened with the Olympics, forgot what the Olympic motto of which is the fellowship?
Who are really to blame for what happened that September 5, 1972 in Munich, Black September, or who only did nothing to prevent or to solve it?

For the memory of those who went to compete, to share, to live a dream and I was caught by those who do not understand that everyone has the right to exist and live with dignity, who can not respect the ideas of others, and killed many lives, who died that day and that of his family was never the same, that of their children who do not come to know and share with them, insane madness that does not respect the lives of others.


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