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11septemberworldtrade center

September 11, 2001, coordinated suicide attacks by Al-Qaeda upon the United States .

The World Trade Center was attacked in first place by suicide attacks, the Twin Towers collapsed.

Four commercial passenger jet airliners were hijackers for 19 members of Al-Qaeda.
In total, 2,993 people, including the hijackers, died in the attacks.

For evil to triumph is only necessary that good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke).

Years pass and the pain, the memories remain, like the same day that recurs every anniversary, every day of every year when it comes, renewed pain, memories, suffering, courage, horror, fear, compassion.

The same is true today, 11 September 2009, have spent 8 years and it’s like yesterday that September 11, 2001, commercial aircraft full of passengers, are embedded into the World Trade Center in New York in two of the towers twins, making minutes later collapsed, killing hundreds of people, airline passengers, who worked in the tower, and hundreds of policemen, firemen, doctors, health services were to help were also caught in the attack the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

Also those who died in the plane that hit the Pentagon, and United Flight 93 was going to be crashed into the Pentagon, where its passengers had the courage to confront the hijackers and even at the cost of their lives that they preferred to know that if the flight crashed kill more people, caused the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

I still remember today what he did at that moment, when a call let me know and I thought my friend was watching a movie and it was thought that this was real, but if it was an attack on the World Trade Center had succeeded, it was the more unexpected, an attack on the very territory of the United States.

Also remember and still think, these passengers of these flights, they were thinking at that moment he realized his impending death, listening to recordings of several passengers who were calling by phone knowing who would die was saying goodbye to their loved ones, documentaries that have come out the last of the History channel called the “102 minutes that changed the world” with different recordings of people who were there.

the-falling-manPeople in desperation by throwing out the window, knowing they would die, did not expect to burn alive, but the picture jumped like is portrayed in all retins of man waving a white flag that minutes after the vacuum is released before the astonished eyes, before the cameras that left the record of this infamous moment that a man had to go through the madness, was humanly who in his eagerness to say something to publicize a cause, rightly or wrongly, made a act of barbarism, of the lowest human attitude, and caused the deaths of hundreds of people, hundreds of parents, children, other human beings who deserved to live and no one had the right to take away that opportunity, as this man that is thrown away and knows he will die anyway.

Resulting in a person, such disrespect for human life in his own vindictiveness, religious belief, politics, not just search for his own death, but of thousands more, because not talking about a war here but an attack, of using civilians in a revenge itself, because if you want to do something like this is not only used innocent people who were neither in a government, nor did anything wrong, his only mistake was to go on a flight that would be used kamikaze style.

There is some right to do that, there is some god, any religion that at some point he said the life of another use for their own convenience, or is the human being looking for an excuse to use, to God, a belief in its desire of omnipotence, does not care about the lives of others.

It’s been 8 years for the attack on the Twin Towers, it’s been 8 years of that fateful morning, and each name is read in this September 11 is still bringing tears, children who could not know their parents, wives, husbands, mothers parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, have lost a loved one, a city lost a symbol, a country realized that could happen to them and joined as civil society to say anymore.

At Ground Zero, where once stood the twin towers, World Trade Center, will meet and read each of the names they found his burial there, every family member, friend, community member will say this in person, in spirit , in a spirit of solidarity to remember those who lost their lives there because another human being or man allegedly decided they did not deserve to live.

Even today, the horror is still there, and I wonder if, ever learn to respect the human being to another human being though their beliefs are different.
It is important to remember that the past teaches us not to repeat the same mistakes, not to let us earn foreign madness and drag us into the land which no one can come back and leave a trail of pain, slaughter of powerlessness, injustice.

9/11 The Falling Man by fofo 69(youtube)


Collapse Inside the World Trade Center

Audio tape of call from World Trade Center Islamic Terror attack on 9/11 (sneddren youtube)


2 Responses

  1. Lo siento. Esto siempre va a ser un recuerdo muy triste. Nunca habrá palabras de consuelo. Nunca habrá suficientes respuestas, y las que surjan nunca servirán para nada. Nunca se podrán secar todas las lágrimas aún al pasar el tiempo. Nunca se podrá curar tanto dolor.
    Lo siento
    saludos desde españa y argentina

    • gracias por tu comentario y por la visita al blog, si ese hecho quedara en la memoria de todos lo que estabamos vivos y conciente en ese momento como dice el documental de history channel los 102 minutos que cambiaron al mundo y por sobre todo la vida de tantas persona
      un saludo desde uruguay

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