Patrick_SwayzePatrick Swayze, fought his battle against cancer, at the end cancer took his life but not win the battle that Patrick Swayze faced against cancer with courage .

The farewell the actor Patrick Swayze, born August 19 in Houston, with a mother dedicated to the dance, from very young he was wrapped up in dancing also be a great ballet dancer.
Always devoted to dancing, sports like football and athletics, had to retire from professional ball because of large lesions in the knee.
Gradually became more involved in musicals, on film, and this was how I participate in renowned films and series such as:

* 1983 – The Outsiders – Francis Ford Coppola movie with Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane, Ralph Macchio, and Tom Cruise.
* 1984 – Red Dawn – movie with Charlie Sheen
* 1985 – North and South – serie based on the Civil War
* 1987 – Dirty Dancing – one of the movies that began to consolidate as an actor in which not only demonstrated his actors’ talents, but also as a dancer and as singers to sing the theme song “She is like the wind”.
* 1990 – Ghost “the shadow of love” – movie with Demi Moore, in which love overcomes even death was one of his greatest performances.

Today was making the series “The Beast“, in which he played a cop always the limit between what the law marks and responsibility of administering justice.

In January 2008, Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which spread rapidly to the stomach through which he was emergency surgery to remove part of the stomach.

Submitting to intensive chemotherapy sections, to prevent another possible ramification, meanwhile press reports gave him for dead and for a few months, those versions were always denied and Patrick Swayze, pursued his intense struggle with desire with faith and courage as the himself said to his wife for 33 years, Lisa Niemi, and working on his series “The Beast“, at no time gave up and fight and fight but this Monday, September 14, cancer and just said, and died in Los Angeles.

A goodbye and thanks to Patrick Swayze for everything offered to art as an actor, dancer, singer, composer and producer of American television but especially as a man who fight, who did not give up and face cancer with dignity , and who has offered their support and time to patients with cancer and sick with AIDS, by creating and supporting institutions .


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  1. Imma let you finish, but I just wanna say Michael Jackson’s funeral was the best funeral of the year!

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