The Nobel Peace Prize 2009, has arrived from Oslo, Norway, surprisingly, has been given to Barack Obama, President of the United States.

The main question in the world that has become known after his appointment as Nobel Peace Prize, has been the reason for granting a Barack Obama of the primary reasons that the very Norwegian Nobel Academy gave were:

“Extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

“The committee pays special importance to the vision and the efforts of Obama to have a world without nuclear weapons. As president, Obama has created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained its central position, with emphasis on the role the United Nations and other international institutions can play. “

The chairman of Norway, which awards the Nobel Peace Prize, Thorbjoern Jagland said thanks to the efforts of Obama, “America is playing a more constructive role in the moment of facing the great challenges facing the world climate (…). Only on very rare occasions a person like Obama captures the attention of the world and gives people hope for a better future. “

He added: “His diplomacy is based on the concept that those who lead the world should do based on the values and attitudes that are shared by most of the inhabitants of the planet”.

Barack Obama himself, was surprised, because in his heart inside knows he has not done enough to warrant an award of this prestige.

Although is a “prize to Hope“, as Senator Pilar Cordova, Colombia, who also was one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace prize, and if we remember at the time of U.S. elections, the Barack Obama’s premise was: closing the Guantanamo prison by next January, a world without nuclear weapons, offered to open a dialogue to the Muslim world and committed to being personally involved in the achievement of peace in the Middle East, although so far has failed to close any of these objectives.
Also with the promise of starting a new phase of cooperation with the international community after the tensions experienced during the tenure of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Others, among whom I count myself, is some pressure for Barack Obama, to comply with what he promised, in a global world with fewer nuclear weapons and where peace and respect for different countries is a premise, is a Visionary Award, the establishment of a politics of hope for world peace.

Also, it is as a rejection of the previous policy of Bush and say there has been a change, now it was time to prove it.


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