barajas airport copiaThe drug trade and those who are carrying increasingly more inventive, who would not trust an old woman in wheelchairs.

Who could think that a sick lady, and with 92 years could be a mule, and be dealing drugs?

Employees at Barajas airport in Spain, may tell us if we distrust.

They had reached a flight coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the capital of Spain, when civil guards at the airport of Madrid – Barajas, they noticed two people acting suspiciously, a 92 year old woman from Uruguay in chair wheels which was accompanied by another 44 years.

Agents before the suspicion aroused by nervously decided to review its attitude to both women, in those moments when the companion of the old Uruguayan, a mad flight home.

How many agents reviewed the Civil Guard found that the elderly in various parts of his body was attached to several package containing cocaine, which after being weighed, were they were 4300 grams of cocaine, the arrest of the elderly and search throughout the terminal of Barajas, a woman of her companion of 44 years also Uruguayan which was found trying to leave the airport.

To believe or not believe what caused the traffic of drugs, but now to not rely on a poor old grandmother, that is no more but if it is a poor old lady, that poor old woman can bring a lot of drugs, could fall a pump, Christmas is coming even now be reviewed to Santa Claus will not be that instead of gifts “snow white” is accompanying cocaine.


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  1. I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. i have a blog about gifts too, please come visit my site when u have time ^_^

    • thanks for your visit i will pleased to visit your page i just see your comment
      its incredible this kind of things happen but drugs dealer created many ways to pass the cocaine
      have a good new year

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