Uruguayan voting has ended with a new spin on 29 November 2009, the Frente Amplio has lost some of its members and did not get the 50% plus one he needed in the first round to achieve the presidency, they get only the 47%, according to political analysts, the reason the Frente Amplio lose votes, is that many people who vote for the Frente Amplio party, do not accept that the presidency be a former Tupamaro as Jose Mujica, which means the far left.
Meanwhile, the White Party, with the formula de Lacalle and Larranaga, reached 30%, compared with previous elections and the predictions of political polls, also lost votes because in the previous election had reached 36%, while the Colorado Party was the big winner, with the formula for Bordaberry and De Leon, managed to raise the meager votes that had been made at the last election, 10% to this year 2009 to reach 18%.

The formula consists of Bordaberry – De Leon, and said to back the white party in the November runoff, which if you add the two figures come to 49% may exceed the Broad Front or making the next election is much more tight, making the votes of the undecided or those who voted in this election on October 25 to other parties as an independent party, have to make a difference who wins.

In the runoff “ballotage”, the votes will be made of a simple majority to win the presidency of Uruguay.

As for the plebiscite, neither approved nor rejecting the application of the law of impunity for the military or the plebiscite ballot to make it possible for Uruguayans abroad to vote (voto letters).

In November 2009, finally we will decide who the next president of the Uruguayans.


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