berlin11000 domino pieces were the symbol of the Berlin Wall came down – the first piece pushed by Lech Walesa, a symbol of the struggle against communism in Poland, chairman of the Solidarity movement that under all a time, suffered persecution, the death of many of his compatriots, colleagues, friends, family, becoming president of Poland to democracy.

Symbol also, that Poland, Chescolovaquia, Hungary, were the first to say no more to the communist regime, and were the trigger for the East Germans themselves, and especially Berlin encourage more, be encouraged to take to the streets without violence “The peaceful revolution,” saying we can leave our country without fear of arrest, to be killed, we want democracy, we can decide ourselves, we can do it and not need a government to decide for us, when in Leipzig, Alexander Square, in the church of San Nicolas (where the first congregation was performed against the wall in Berlin on 4 September 1989 and started the peaceful revolution that would end with the fall of the Berlin Wall), where candlelight swept the streets thousands of Germans calling for the opening of the Berlin Wall, even knowing that the East German army had orders to shoot them.

The courage, the desire for freedom, the desire to express were stronger, were a sign that people still want to gag when not achieved, that sooner or later, the desire to express what they feel is bigger than any otherwise, even more intense that the survival instinct.

A celebration and remember those who died, those who escaped, those who suffered separation from family, friends and a part of their own country, a celebration and remember not to run more, not to other shame-style Berlin Wall.

20 Years Anniversary Fall of the Berlin Wall November 9th 2009 “Domino Wall”

Domino effect: Symbolic Wall falls again in Berlin

The European Commission has produced this commemorative video of that historic date

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