In a meeting of medical experts appointed by the U.S. government (the group is call prevenitive exams force ), without cancer doctors present, provides a new way of dealing with breast cancer, a new form in time which should make mammograms and self-examination breasts.

* It states that it was undesirable that physicians teach patients to become self breast exam, because according to this group of physicians, no good, not too useful.
They say breast self-examination leading to breast cancer are false.

* The other resolution is that mammograms, they should be after 50 years and every two years (at the present time is from 40 years and yearly) in many countries because of this the mammograms from age 40 years are free or are covered by medical insurance as the pap smear.

The question now is because this change is due to high medical costs and insurance plans, including the free mammogram after age 40, is due to the health of these new patients or medical advice is to save money no matter patient health.

And if a false positivity in breast self-examination, that matter is nothing more important to prevent breast cancer, to diagnose when the patient has no solution or a way to avoid death.

Breast cancer is one of the cancers, which discovered in time, is more likely to be cured or at least prevent it from spreading.

With these new medical advice, the only thing that can be saved is money, especially for insurers, but for the patient, passing, do not mind the subsequent mutilation of the women that I have been warned, do not mind the death of these women to save women.

About 39 million women undergo mammography every year in the U.S., which means a cost of more than 5,000 million for the health system in this country.

It sought to save that, it would save money without MATTER IF WOMEN HAVE CANCER OR BE PREVENTED.

The most ridiculous of all, that this meeting was not represented medica Cancer Society, who recommend:
* Annual mammogram after age 40
* And self-examination in the shower after a period of at least once a month.

It is a shame, that in pursuit of saving money on mammograms, biopsies and other clinical examinations, these recommendations are published regardless of people’s lives, that world is this, that physician may consider more money for the patient, they forget the Hippocratic oath.

“… In any house that between, go for the benefit of the sick, refraining from any voluntary error and corruption …”

What is the meaning of the medical profession when a group of physicians, not preach prevention of disease.

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  1. I just read about a new targeted cancer drug that has been shown to shrink tumors in women with metastatic breast cancer after an average of seven other drugs, including Herceptin, failed. The new drug, called T-DM1, combines Herceptin with a potent chemotherapy drug. Here’s to keeping our hopes alive that someday this retched disease can be nothing but a memory! Happy Holidays to All!

    • thanks to remind this is always necessary to know as most possible in this theme to help to every woman, this problem could happen to anyone.
      happy holidays to you too !!!
      thanks for your comment

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