Today in two countries of Latin American presidential elections are held: the second round “runoff “in Uruguay between Jose “Pepe “Mujica (former Tupamaro, former guerrilla, a participant in the epoch of the Tupamaros of bank robberies, assassinations, kidnappings and Luis Alberto “Cuqui” Lacalle (Uruguay’s former president in charge of the bankruptcy of one of the largest banks in an economic situation that almost destroyed the country with the subsequent suicide of several people) and on the other hand there is the situation in Honduras where brethren to Manuel Zelaya are asking people not to go to vote, because that Zelaya was expelled from the presidency through a coup d’etat to get him out of the chair one night expelled to Costa Rica and now a refugee in the embassy of Brazil in Honduras, Roberto Micheletti supporting that until a few days had been in power since the deposition of Zelaya, who look forward to these new elections to have a president elected by the people, the international community to react to the coup demanding the return to power of Zelaya but timidly that currently says “that will recognize the new president of Honduras, where the turnout in Honduras shows that the public took to the polls significantly”

in the situation of Honduras, there are some frays calls warning of bombs, the explosion of a bomb, and a population that simima not know what to expect and the reality is that anger afraid to throw on Sunday.

In the case of Honduras, democracy is being violated, because the right to vote is being jeopardized by attacks, with the possibility of retaliation if it is exercised and whether or not they subsequently be respected, if accepted to an elite who is chosen as president.
In Uruguay, the most right now are flooding concerns due to heavy rains in recent days, but democracy itself is to be exercised freely, without fear, without warning, without the possibility of anyone can be detained for going to vote.

As Uruguayan, and being that this year I will vote no because I do not agree with either candidate and in my opinion not that of the two may be better because if I’m honest, both candidates leave much to be desired and its past sentence, I’m proud of my country’s civic capacity.
I wish the brotherly people of Honduras, can return to resume their civic path, its path to democracy, without fear, with the freedom that we have the right to exercise them.

We will see who will from today, after the counting of votes will hold the Presidency in both Uruguay and Honduras, but in both cases, those who are elected, aware that the “power resides in the people”, the people is the supply to them, but it is the people who chose, and not forget what they say in political campaigns, let so much rhetoric, and knowing it is all talk, but do the people seeking , that the country better, and grow, be built, and go in search of prosperity always keeping ahead of democracy, freedoms of citizens, freedom of the people who elected them.


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