The trial of alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk, began in Munich, this Monday, 30 November 2009, is accused of complicity in the deaths of nearly 28,000 Jews in the Polish concentration camp of Sobibor, during the 2nd War World.

The accused against John Demjanjuk, is that he was  one of the guards at Sobibor concentration camp.
Also  that his true identity is Ivan ” the Terrible”, one of the most wanted war criminals for all these years.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles says : “We should not make the mistake of thinking that the case against a war criminal is a case against of only one man”

John Demjanjuk, of Ukrainian origin, has lived the last years in the United States, where he was deported from in late May 2009, to Germany to face this trial as a suspected war criminal.
Before the trial, was passed by a medical board to see if he was able to face this criminal process, due to their age and several medical conditions he has, the Medical Board ruled that  he could face the process because even he is ill hes is mentally fine, although his presence in court is subject to 90 minute sessions to avoid draining.

At the time of deportation, John Demjanjuk, was in the top 10 list of most war crimes suspects wanted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

According to what we know, John Demjanjuk, was recruited by the Soviets in 1941, and after he was captured by Nazi forces he turned into security guard at the concentration camps of Nazi rule of the Third Reich, where he is remembered most is in the Polish camp of Sobibor, which states that introduced the power to men, women and children into the gas chambers.

The charge imposed on John Demjanjuk is “complicity” in the deaths of nearly 28,000 jews in Sobibor concentration camp in 1943, also in the process Maybe will be possible to discover if it really is Ivan “the Terrible”.

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  1. Continuing to “fight” the remnants of WWII Nazism we can allign ourselves with history’s greatest heroes and assuage our guilt about involvement in modern wars. Demjanjuk’s conviction will neither prevent future war crimes, nor contribute to justice in any sense but that retribution heals.

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