A new president will take office in March 2010, emerged from this second round of elections in Uruguay, the Frente Amplio candidate, Jose “Pepe” Mujica and Vice President Danilo Astori, won the second round.

The speeches given after the voting results were very moderate and above all sought to quiet the waters of the confrontation which occurred during the political campaign for president of Uruguay.

Both sides, the formula Mujica and Astori, winner of the presidency and vice presidency respectively as their opponents Lacalle and Larranaga, sought to strengthen the concept of unity, as was said Mujica is now the president of all Uruguayans and as such should work as a unit for the country and its people.

In Mujica, owns words, “neither victors nor vanquished: just choose a government that owns the truth, which requires us all.”
“If at any time my temperament a fighter made me carry the tongue too far, I apologize for the offense and tomorrow we will walk together”

All candidates who were both in the first round of voting which took in October in 2009, Bordaberry by the Colorado party which joined in battled in the runoff, Mujica – Astori and Lacalle – Larrañaga, spoke of unity, a commitment to work together for the country.
A day of precedent civic example, where the only problem was the weather, flooded parts of the country, as well as an orange alert weather, the other quiet and above all, respecting freedom and democracy.

About 46 years ago, since the same Jose Mujica, faced with the weapons of democracy, because he said he not believe in it, and wanted to take power by force by the guerrilla group Tupamaros ( insurgency group Tupamaros), today the people and democracy, as chosen, according to this by himself, taught him that life is the people who decide not weapons.

It is the first guerrilla leader who became president of Uruguay, said that the years teach and suffering as well, I hope so and that the new president of Uruguay, and also my president has learned from its passage through the arms, wanting to overthrow the democracy in the decade of the 70s and his stay in jail and suffering of torture.

Today the citizenship, which once irreverence, to take up arms against democracy, elected him president, and gives him the opportunity to amend many of its past mistakes and always keep in mind the words of our national hero Jose Gervacio Artigas,

“My authority emanates from you and stops your sovereign presence,” The people, who gives democracy presidential power and as such should be respected, and that sovereignty resides in the people.

I hope that these words said by our founding fathers will be always be present in today elected president of all Uruguayans, by the sovereign power of the vote in a country like Uruguay where democracy is present and let stay alive.

Now to continue working for the country, all united, who voted for and against President-elect Mujica, we’re all in Uruguay and as such we must work for the country ,and all of us, we have make this country become better and the unique differents are given by the efforts of each of the citizens put in improvement, exceeded as a human being, as a worker, as a citizen.


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