Many times we can what is JUSTICE , in which is based JUSTICE to convict or not a person.

If we look for the definition of justice we can find many:
* Action to consider claims by someone, agreeing what is fair.

* Attribute of God, which rewards or punishes each person according to their deserts.
With this we may also infer that it would be the attribute that the judiciary, and state power that has been created to regulate certain rules of conduct that have evolved over time in order to achieve a peaceful and harmonious coexistence, shares rewards or punishes people according to behave or act.

* Revolutionary concept of justice is based on justice conceived as the human ability, based on ethical principles, moral and juridical pursues as its supreme goal to achieve the respect and proper exercise of individual or collective rights, for which purpose it must implement specific actions as coercion and / or sanction of human actions in the correct proportion, ie equating the value of the legally protected with the damage caused by the conduct or lack of it.

And if you still looking for will be many more depending on the time, societies, culture and also the thinking of each of the people inhabiting this planet.

What happens when the justice dispensed by the wrong man, is based on circumstantial facts, comments from other people, suspected of other people, not concepts, and scientific definition?

Yesterday, 17 December 2009, the justice dispensed by man had to admit he was wrong, after 35 years and through DNA testing, James Bain, hear when he was declare YOU’RE A FREE MAN, by a judge of Bartow (Florida), 35 years after being locked in a jail convicted in 1974 at the age of 19 years for kidnapping, rape and robbery of a 9 years child.

Since 2001, the state of Florida (also in other U.S. states there is this standard) allowed the reopening of cases for DNA testing, which in much of the existing sentencing was not performed because no existed at the time the person being sentenced.

In this case, James Bain’s request on several occasions, having been denied until an appeals court recognized the right of Bain to ask this possibility, which is proven innocent.

This is born with different projects, which were long before the various U.S. states to enact this rule, some of them are:

* WISCONSIN THE INNOCENT PROJECThttp://www.law.wisc.edu/fjr/clinicals/ip/index.html

* THE INNOCENCE PROJECT http://www.innocenceproject.org/
who helped in this case that James Bain Freed —

the motto of this organization is:
The Innocence Project is a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating people Wrongfully Convicted through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to future preventive injustice.

* In Colombia – the program of the University Manuela Beltran based in the same of the innocence project where student of law university goes to different jails to help convicted to prove their inocent – http://www.umb.edu.co/actualizaciones/noti_derecho.htm

In the case of James Bain, the most surprising thing to hear their words are the words of innocence, his acquittal, the confirmation that is not the culprit:

“I’m not angry” by what happened, “I have a God,” Bain told the media that awaited him in the street. “I’m going home with my family,” he said.

The question is, with sufficient financial compensation is enough to return to 35 years ago as a young and out as an old man, about 250 similar cases have been resolved by the project and many more innocent unresolved and may have died a few innocents.

I wish, James Bain, live the remaining years full of happiness and prosperity than they have been found innocent are enjoying their life and that this rancor in their hearts, that many innocent people are in jail have this same possibility.

It is necessary to apply justice of man, but we could not live in society, would like the law of the jungle, the strongest to trample the weak, the subjugation of one group to another group, but it’s also true that the justice of man makes mistakes and that scientific advances help solve them, but the main thing to this that judges, prosecutors, police, in his eagerness not to recognize they were wrong, do not put roadblocks in order to reach the truth, real truth and convict the truly guilty.


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