Chinese year has begun metal tiger, the 2010, today 14 February, the Chinese people celebrate the beginning of the year.

The Tiger is the Chinese sign of luck and abundance, to born in the tiger year means for the chinese a very good sign for the person.

The tiger represents strength and power, authority, and as it represents can also represent a danger if not well-known face or else all these characteristics are known to make good use of them.

Chinese years are repeated every 12 years, and what has happened in the years of the tiger worldwide have been different situations:

1962 – Year of the Tiger of water – almost started World War III with the missile crisis between the USSR and the United States, with the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba.
1974-Tiger Wood – Richard Nixon suffered the Watergate scandal.
1986 – Fire Tiger – President Reagan suffered Irangate ”

The Tiger is the sign that accompanies the emergence of the life force in the spring, as spring begins when it begins, according to the Chinese calendar.
In eastern China’s Mount Tai, in the early spring, the emperor was up there to give offerings to the nature and call for harmony between man and his environment. Tai means renewal, progress and growth and if we can be in harmony with our surroundings, the year of Tiger will propel us toward happiness, peace and prosperity.

The Chinese calendar is lunisolar. It takes into account both the cycle of the earth around the sun (year), like the Moon around the Earth (month), unlike the Gregorian, which uses only the first. Six decades up his century, divided into five cycles of 12 years, each represented by an animal: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.


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