Today marks the day of the Lord’s passion and death. The day commemorates the death of Jesus Christ.
On this day there is no Eucharist (also called breaking of bread, Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion), but what there is is action Liturgica after noon to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ.
Christ appears as the Servant of God, which was announced by the prophets, who is sacrificed for the salvation of the world, the lamb that is sacrificed for our sins and for our acquittal.

Friday holy day of sacrifice that God gave his only begotten son to surrender, to cleanse our sins, the sins of the world, that we may pass to save us, not a day of mourning, sadness, but joy of contemplation of the sacrifice redeemer of which came our salvation, the human salvation.

Christ overcame, was not defeated, defeated by death, before whom he beat humiliated, defeated those who wanted to renounce his father, won, who consumed his offering, frees us and reconciles us to our salvation.

On this day we read the Passion according to St. John.
In various parts of the world is called the prayer of the Via
crossings, which is the way of the cross, which follows the fourteen stations, recalling the steps of Jesus way to his death.
It also occurs in this day and fasting but also not eating red meat, because abstinence is the red meat be of eating the flesh of Christ.

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