In the last few days the FARC(Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) freed two policemen abducted, the most emblematic case is that of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, one of the hostages was longer, 12 years held by the FARC, was kidnapped aged 19 today is 31 years old passage of an almost-adolescent youth, found in 2010 as an adult, with part of his life lost, who would be in limbo for 12 years.

Now he is being charged as an accomplice, a traitor to his country, a “guerrillero”, because he dont show any feeling when he is going down the plane to return to his family, especially his father, Professor Moncayo, who for years had his hands on a string, representing suffering and the captivity of his son, who established walking across Colombia, all over the world asking for the release of his son and thousands of more hostages.

Some speaks of the “Stockholm syndrome”, which refers to a certain relation of complicity that develops between the victim and the victimizer.

But how a person must react after 12 years of captivity to return to freedom, to see a family that if they have blood ties but now are almost strangers, when he sees himself not as the young of 19 years but as a man of 31, as in the case of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, who owns nothing but himself, who has lived away from it all, that do not know about technology, do not know what happened in the world who do not know enough already to his own Family, which part of his life lived almost equal to the lost and never to recover.

As each of us react to that if we see people who love us, they are of our blood, but who have not seen in 12 years, those who have been away and not by our choice, but to others as reactionary freedom when we do not know who is or are afraid to live it.

Could I go out without distrust that goes next to me that want to do harm, who would think to look into the eyes of all, when I have not been able to watch into mine because i cant recognized myself.

On the other hand a mother who can finally make a real duel, Emperatriz de Guevara, after several years knowing that his son Colonel Julián Ernesto Guevara had died in captivity was able to recover their remains and give solemn burial.

Colonel Julián Ernesto Guevara, died 4 years ago in captivity, was kidnapped in Mitu, on November 1, 1998 and died in late January 2006 in captivity, is said by other hostages that the FARC, even when the Colonel Guevara sick and almost unable to move kept him chained and never pulled strings off.

What can you ask a mother in such cases or daughter as the daughter of Colonel Guevara could not grow with his father and each looked like proof of life was dying.

Humanitarian missions, peace talks, if they can be the only solution in such cases to release not only the police and military hostages, but all civilians for extortion measures have been kidnapped and are not reported, but as it explained to these people forget that we must forgive, to achieve peace, sit facing each other in order to negotiate a peaceful and beneficial for all and above all for those who are kidnapped.

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  1. Violence as a doctrine and a system must be avoided by the left. While forceful response to social injustice and wrongs is necessary, cruelty and bloodshed must be an absolute NO-NO.
    Violence, terror and fear have been utilized throughout human history by the powerful and wealthy to dominate, conquer, and subjugate. Let it not become the tool of the left.

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