Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le. los mineros de chile !!!!!!!!!
Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le. Chile miners !!!!!!!!!

The end of this incredible story, all the miners and rescuers Copiapo who had descended to help and are on the surface.
Work performed, the work hard, with courage, faith, had their success, the 33 men on August 5 had been under 700 in the San Jose Island in Chile, ended up leaving.

Thousands of people did their best, worked untiring to conduct the drilling, so that the capsule Phoenix, one by one they were up and reunite with their families, who were given the revival of that 32 Chilean and 1 boliviano.

What can be said in times like this, who are believers know that God was with her protective mantle protecting these 33 men and those who participated in the rescue, all of whom in one way and another part to perform the extraction, working hours and hours without stopping that example of solidarity, cooperation, this ends up being the highlight of it all.

The joy, tears of excitement, nerves, all that has happened and is now just the teaching of all this: that SOLIDARITY, to think about the common good is the most important and that each of us should know, remember and pass.

The surveyor Luis Urzua, known as “Don Lucho”, will go down in history as the longest-miner was trapped in this type of accident. Urzua was the shift manager

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