In the last few days the FARC(Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) freed two policemen abducted, the most emblematic case is that of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, one of the hostages was longer, 12 years held by the FARC, was kidnapped aged 19 today is 31 years old passage of an almost-adolescent youth, found in 2010 as an adult, with part of his life lost, who would be in limbo for 12 years.

Now he is being charged as an accomplice, a traitor to his country, a “guerrillero”, because he dont show any feeling when he is going down the plane to return to his family, especially his father, Professor Moncayo, who for years had his hands on a string, representing suffering and the captivity of his son, who established walking across Colombia, all over the world asking for the release of his son and thousands of more hostages.

Some speaks of the “Stockholm syndrome”, which refers to a certain relation of complicity that develops between the victim and the victimizer.

But how a person must react after 12 years of captivity to return to freedom, to see a family that if they have blood ties but now are almost strangers, when he sees himself not as the young of 19 years but as a man of 31, as in the case of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, who owns nothing but himself, who has lived away from it all, that do not know about technology, do not know what happened in the world who do not know enough already to his own Family, which part of his life lived almost equal to the lost and never to recover.

As each of us react to that if we see people who love us, they are of our blood, but who have not seen in 12 years, those who have been away and not by our choice, but to others as reactionary freedom when we do not know who is or are afraid to live it.

Could I go out without distrust that goes next to me that want to do harm, who would think to look into the eyes of all, when I have not been able to watch into mine because i cant recognized myself.

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Many times we can what is JUSTICE , in which is based JUSTICE to convict or not a person.

If we look for the definition of justice we can find many:
* Action to consider claims by someone, agreeing what is fair.

* Attribute of God, which rewards or punishes each person according to their deserts.
With this we may also infer that it would be the attribute that the judiciary, and state power that has been created to regulate certain rules of conduct that have evolved over time in order to achieve a peaceful and harmonious coexistence, shares rewards or punishes people according to behave or act.

* Revolutionary concept of justice is based on justice conceived as the human ability, based on ethical principles, moral and juridical pursues as its supreme goal to achieve the respect and proper exercise of individual or collective rights, for which purpose it must implement specific actions as coercion and / or sanction of human actions in the correct proportion, ie equating the value of the legally protected with the damage caused by the conduct or lack of it.

And if you still looking for will be many more depending on the time, societies, culture and also the thinking of each of the people inhabiting this planet.

What happens when the justice dispensed by the wrong man, is based on circumstantial facts, comments from other people, suspected of other people, not concepts, and scientific definition?

Yesterday, 17 December 2009, the justice dispensed by man had to admit he was wrong, after 35 years and through DNA testing, James Bain, hear when he was declare YOU’RE A FREE MAN, by a judge of Bartow (Florida), 35 years after being locked in a jail convicted in 1974 at the age of 19 years for kidnapping, rape and robbery of a 9 years child. Continue reading


The trial of alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk, began in Munich, this Monday, 30 November 2009, is accused of complicity in the deaths of nearly 28,000 Jews in the Polish concentration camp of Sobibor, during the 2nd War World.

The accused against John Demjanjuk, is that he was  one of the guards at Sobibor concentration camp.
Also  that his true identity is Ivan ” the Terrible”, one of the most wanted war criminals for all these years.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles says : “We should not make the mistake of thinking that the case against a war criminal is a case against of only one man”

John Demjanjuk, of Ukrainian origin, has lived the last years in the United States, where he was deported from in late May 2009, to Germany to face this trial as a suspected war criminal.
Before the trial, was passed by a medical board to see if he was able to face this criminal process, due to their age and several medical conditions he has, the Medical Board ruled that  he could face the process because even he is ill hes is mentally fine, although his presence in court is subject to 90 minute sessions to avoid draining.

At the time of deportation, John Demjanjuk, was in the top 10 list of most war crimes suspects wanted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

According to what we know, John Demjanjuk, was recruited by the Soviets in 1941, and after he was captured by Nazi forces he turned into security guard at the concentration camps of Nazi rule of the Third Reich, where he is remembered most is in the Polish camp of Sobibor, which states that introduced the power to men, women and children into the gas chambers.

The charge imposed on John Demjanjuk is “complicity” in the deaths of nearly 28,000 jews in Sobibor concentration camp in 1943, also in the process Maybe will be possible to discover if it really is Ivan “the Terrible”.

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Suvivor of Sobibor nazi concentration camp



A new president will take office in March 2010, emerged from this second round of elections in Uruguay, the Frente Amplio candidate, Jose “Pepe” Mujica and Vice President Danilo Astori, won the second round.

The speeches given after the voting results were very moderate and above all sought to quiet the waters of the confrontation which occurred during the political campaign for president of Uruguay.

Both sides, the formula Mujica and Astori, winner of the presidency and vice presidency respectively as their opponents Lacalle and Larranaga, sought to strengthen the concept of unity, as was said Mujica is now the president of all Uruguayans and as such should work as a unit for the country and its people.

In Mujica, owns words, “neither victors nor vanquished: just choose a government that owns the truth, which requires us all.”
“If at any time my temperament a fighter made me carry the tongue too far, I apologize for the offense and tomorrow we will walk together”

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Today in two countries of Latin American presidential elections are held: the second round “runoff “in Uruguay between Jose “Pepe “Mujica (former Tupamaro, former guerrilla, a participant in the epoch of the Tupamaros of bank robberies, assassinations, kidnappings and Luis Alberto “Cuqui” Lacalle (Uruguay’s former president in charge of the bankruptcy of one of the largest banks in an economic situation that almost destroyed the country with the subsequent suicide of several people) and on the other hand there is the situation in Honduras where brethren to Manuel Zelaya are asking people not to go to vote, because that Zelaya was expelled from the presidency through a coup d’etat to get him out of the chair one night expelled to Costa Rica and now a refugee in the embassy of Brazil in Honduras, Roberto Micheletti supporting that until a few days had been in power since the deposition of Zelaya, who look forward to these new elections to have a president elected by the people, the international community to react to the coup demanding the return to power of Zelaya but timidly that currently says “that will recognize the new president of Honduras, where the turnout in Honduras shows that the public took to the polls significantly”

in the situation of Honduras, there are some frays calls warning of bombs, the explosion of a bomb, and a population that simima not know what to expect and the reality is that anger afraid to throw on Sunday.

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In a meeting of medical experts appointed by the U.S. government (the group is call prevenitive exams force ), without cancer doctors present, provides a new way of dealing with breast cancer, a new form in time which should make mammograms and self-examination breasts.

* It states that it was undesirable that physicians teach patients to become self breast exam, because according to this group of physicians, no good, not too useful.
They say breast self-examination leading to breast cancer are false.

* The other resolution is that mammograms, they should be after 50 years and every two years (at the present time is from 40 years and yearly) in many countries because of this the mammograms from age 40 years are free or are covered by medical insurance as the pap smear.

The question now is because this change is due to high medical costs and insurance plans, including the free mammogram after age 40, is due to the health of these new patients or medical advice is to save money no matter patient health.

And if a false positivity in breast self-examination, that matter is nothing more important to prevent breast cancer, to diagnose when the patient has no solution or a way to avoid death.

Breast cancer is one of the cancers, which discovered in time, is more likely to be cured or at least prevent it from spreading.

With these new medical advice, the only thing that can be saved is money, especially for insurers, but for the patient, passing, do not mind the subsequent mutilation of the women that I have been warned, do not mind the death of these women to save women.

About 39 million women undergo mammography every year in the U.S., which means a cost of more than 5,000 million for the health system in this country.

It sought to save that, it would save money without MATTER IF WOMEN HAVE CANCER OR BE PREVENTED.

The most ridiculous of all, that this meeting was not represented medica Cancer Society, who recommend:
* Annual mammogram after age 40
* And self-examination in the shower after a period of at least once a month.

It is a shame, that in pursuit of saving money on mammograms, biopsies and other clinical examinations, these recommendations are published regardless of people’s lives, that world is this, that physician may consider more money for the patient, they forget the Hippocratic oath.

“… In any house that between, go for the benefit of the sick, refraining from any voluntary error and corruption …”

What is the meaning of the medical profession when a group of physicians, not preach prevention of disease.

If you want more information:
in english – http://www.breastcancer.org/
in spanish – http://www.cancer.gov/espanol/tipos/seno


berlin11000 domino pieces were the symbol of the Berlin Wall came down – the first piece pushed by Lech Walesa, a symbol of the struggle against communism in Poland, chairman of the Solidarity movement that under all a time, suffered persecution, the death of many of his compatriots, colleagues, friends, family, becoming president of Poland to democracy.

Symbol also, that Poland, Chescolovaquia, Hungary, were the first to say no more to the communist regime, and were the trigger for the East Germans themselves, and especially Berlin encourage more, be encouraged to take to the streets without violence “The peaceful revolution,” saying we can leave our country without fear of arrest, to be killed, we want democracy, we can decide ourselves, we can do it and not need a government to decide for us, when in Leipzig, Alexander Square, in the church of San Nicolas (where the first congregation was performed against the wall in Berlin on 4 September 1989 and started the peaceful revolution that would end with the fall of the Berlin Wall), where candlelight swept the streets thousands of Germans calling for the opening of the Berlin Wall, even knowing that the East German army had orders to shoot them.

The courage, the desire for freedom, the desire to express were stronger, were a sign that people still want to gag when not achieved, that sooner or later, the desire to express what they feel is bigger Continue reading