Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le. los mineros de chile !!!!!!!!!
Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le. Chile miners !!!!!!!!!

The end of this incredible story, all the miners and rescuers Copiapo who had descended to help and are on the surface.
Work performed, the work hard, with courage, faith, had their success, the 33 men on August 5 had been under 700 in the San Jose Island in Chile, ended up leaving.

Thousands of people did their best, worked untiring to conduct the drilling, so that the capsule Phoenix, one by one they were up and reunite with their families, who were given the revival of that 32 Chilean and 1 boliviano.

What can be said in times like this, who are believers know that God was with her protective mantle protecting these 33 men and those who participated in the rescue, all of whom in one way and another part to perform the extraction, working hours and hours without stopping that example of solidarity, cooperation, this ends up being the highlight of it all.

The joy, tears of excitement, nerves, all that has happened and is now just the teaching of all this: that SOLIDARITY, to think about the common good is the most important and that each of us should know, remember and pass.

The surveyor Luis Urzua, known as “Don Lucho”, will go down in history as the longest-miner was trapped in this type of accident. Urzua was the shift manager


The extraction of the miners of Chile is being conducted from the early hours of Wednesday, and 16 miners are rescued, moments of emotion, of joy, faith, madness, they have been.

Different reactions to reach the surface, but each of them wonderful, because each of these increases is a new life rescues, which has been saved.

What a wonderful madness Mario Sepulveda, their gifts of a rock that rose to the surface, his jumping wildly, his cries, the lecture he gave, citing the safety issue of mining work and respect for the family saying before making a mistake a man or woman should think of your partner, the love you have and the most incredible up asking for his dog as it was.

The rise of Mario Gomez, the largest of the miners, which was who had more fears for his health, the kiss he gave his wife, the love that is lavished on a man who for 12 years working in mines, and so 16 stories of those who have already gone up, the reception, the happiness of each of the people who are waiting, who have worked in this rescue.

All the 16 men who have risen to great, some better health, which you can tell those two months of imprisonment under 700 meters underground, but all with a wonderful value, although there are 17 men still in the mine, God be with you and they continue to hold high the faith, and above all the feeling of Unity, Solidarity, companionship, which is what kept them alive and allowed them to get ahead, never forgetting that UNITY AND RESPECT FOR LIFE, living apart the selfish feeling is what allows humans to achieve wonderful goals and overcoming every day.

You Chile, you can, all the town has done a wonderful job.
And as you scream Chi-chi-chi-chileeeeeee!

The order of eruption of 33 miners

1- Florencio Ávalos
2- Mario Sepúlveda
3- Juan Illanes
4- Carlos Mamani
5- Jimmy Sánchez
6- Osmán Araya
7- José Ojeda
8- Claudio Yáñez
9- Mario Gómez
10- Alex Vega
11- Jorge Galleguillos
12- Edison Peña
13- Carlos Barrios
14- Víctor Zamora
15- Víctor Segovia
16- Daniel Herrera
17- Omar Reygada
18- Esteban Rojas
19- Pablo Rojas
20- Darío Segovia
21- Yonny Barrios
22- Samuel Ávalos
23- Carlos Bugueño
24- José Henríquez
25- Renán Ávalos
26- Claudio Acuña
27- Franklin Lobos
28- Richard Villarroel
29- Juan Carlos Aguilar
30- Raúl Bustos
31- Pedro Cortez
32- Ariel Ticona
33- Luis Urzúa


The time has come, today is the extraction of the 33 miners, 32 miners from  Chile and a Bolivian, who have 2 months and 7 days, from August 5, 2010, when a collapse to 400 meters depth San José copper left in 700 meters of land to the 33 men, after the collapse of the bury.

With the active forces in Chile, aid from foreign countries and each of the people who put their effort today from the bowels of mother earth, reborn, the light will go on to reunite with their families, their fellow citizens, with a world whole waiting for them.

The miracle has happened, when the collapse occurred, could reach the area to guard each mine must have for safety, where there is food, oxygen, and survived.

Those who believe in God, believe that his superior strength to help both the rescuers, who have worked hard to get where they were miners, as those men, who have kept their faith intact, its value, which have formed a solidarity group knowing that they did not survive but that the force was in the drive.

Today, families, town, many people, the world waits for the miracle that it will cause to leave those 33 men who are a symbol, the symbol of what does faith, hope, working for the common good, leaving selfishness side, wants to run over the other and just thinking that “together we can achieve more”, which together to fight the common good is achieved, “that unity is strength.”

Who is a believer, pick up a prayer, which is not that positive thinking, and knowing what is empathy, put yourself in another, send their forces for this revival, is carried out smoothly and the best way possible.

The people of Chile, the Bolivian people, who have faith, fight, and this is just the beginning of the union of peoples.

For families, this one more like the family, that faith, that gives the go days and days in the camp hope, is only a symbol of family togetherness, of family love.

Those who have participated in some form or another in the rescue, work hard to remove the 33 miners, thanks for everything you have done, also the knowledge that the worker helping another worker achieves the greatest things.

And what about those 33 men, who are men, people of great worth, which have done their best and not tainted by human meanness, but have shown that man still has values, and the understanding the good of others is the good of their own, demonstrated what is solidarity, which is a united group, and what it achieves a set of men instead of thinking about themselves think about the other.

Hours pass and the time is coming, we live with joy and faith now, enjoy the birth of the mother earth, back into the light of these 33 men and history will continue and they and their families will write together …. …


1. Urzua Luis Iribarren (54) .- Surveyor, shift supervisor and natural leader, took over the 17 days they were waiting for rescuers located them. Brings 31 years of mining, but only two in the San Jose site. He has two children.

2. Florencio Avalos (31) .– Married with two children. It’s foreman, the second in command.

3. Renan Avalos (29) .- Single and childless, his face was the first of the trapped miners who saw the world.

4. Samuel Avalos Acuña (43) .– got the job at the mine with the help of his brother, Renan, but what really likes the trade. He has three children.

5. Araya Osman (30) .– Married with three children, had only four months working at the mine and had in mind to change jobs because he considered that the site was not safe.

6. Carlos Bugueño (27) .– Before entering the mine, was the security guard, but he wanted to buy a house and a car.

7. Pedro Cortez (26) .– Separated and a girl, is an electrician, but got a miner driven by his friend Carlos Bugueño.

8. Carlos Barrios (27) .– With a five year old son, his girfriend found out she was pregnant a month a week after the collapse.

9. Yonny Barrios (50) .– RN, is in charge of giving injections and write the medical reports of their peers and give them the rescue team.

10. Victor Rojas Segovia (48) .– Driller, married with five daughters. Write everything that happens in the refuge from the day of the collapse. His intention is to publish a book when he leave.

11. Darío Segovia (48) .– With thirteen brothers and six children, spent three months at the mine and wanted to put a grocery store. He said the mine wept much, because stones fell off.

12. Mario Sepulveda (39) .– Married with two children, one who brightens up the videos recorded during the captivity and shows the world how to live in the shelter.

13. Franklin Lobos (52) .– Ex professional footballer, played for first division teams like Everton, where he met Ivan Zamorano.

14. Jorge Gallardo (56) .– Driller passionate about mining, which worked since age 16, has a large collection of rocks and minerals.

15. Victor Zamora (33) .– Dubbed as “The Poet” because he wrote poems to his wife. He has a son and I hope other.

16. Jimmy Sanchez (19) .– The younger, the father of a girl of three months. I wanted to get another job to study at night.

17. Omar Reygadas (56) .– Father of five children, in his thirty years as a miner is trapped on three occasions.

18. Ariel Ticona (29) .– Driver of heavy machinery, has two sons and a daughter who was born during his imprisonment in the field to which his wife gave him the name of Hope.

19. Claudio Yáñez Lagos (34) .– Two daughters, had only eight months in the mine. He sits down to take turns with each of his teammates.

20. Pablo Rojas Villacorta (45) .– Charger explosives, married with a son, 21, had spent six months working in the San Jose site.

21. Juan Carlos Aguilar (49) .– He has two children and has 19 years as a miner.

22. Juan Illanes (52) .– Former member, was tired of the harshness of the mine and wanted to buy a taxi to work in his native Chillán.

23. Richard Villarroel (26) .– It will be father soon.

24. Raul Bustos (40) .– Mechanical, worked at the shipyard in Talcahuano, but after the earthquake of February 27 and decided to migrate north looking for work in the mine.

25. José Henríquez (56) .– Married with two daughters, and exercises are evangelical group’s spiritual guide.

26. Alex Vega (31) .– Mechanical, father of two, wanted to save to buy a house in Copiapo.

27. Daniel Herrera (27) .– driver and follower of Audax Italiano, received a shirt signed by all players.

28. Mario Gomez (63) .– Conductor, leads from the twelve years working as a miner. Sent the first letter describing the coordinates of the shelter. He has escaped several accidents, but is missing three fingers of one hand.

29. Carlos Mamani (24) .– Bolivia, the only foreigner in the 33 trapped miners. He is the father of a child.

30. Jose Ojeda (47) .– heavy machinery driver, widower, wrote the internationally known message: “We are well on the refuge’s 33.”

31. Esteban Rojas (44) .– Charger explosives and father of three children, in a letter he promised his wife married in the Church “once and for all.”

32. Claudio Acuña (34) .– Driller, asked him to marry his girlfriend from the bottom of the mine.

33. Edison Villarroel Peña (34) .– sports fan, runs 10 miles a day inside the mine.

El momento ha llegado, hoy se hace la extraccion de los 33 mineros, 32 mineros de chile y 1 boliviano, que llevan 2 meses y 7 dias, desde el 5 de agosto de 2010, en que un derrumbe a 400 metros de profundidad en la cuprífera San José dejo bajo 700 metros de tierra a los 33 hombres,luego que el derrumbe los sepultara.

Con las fuerzas vivas chilenas, ayuda de paises extranjeros, y cada uno de las personas que pusieron su esfuerzo, hoy desde las entrañas de la madre tierra, renaceran, saldran a la luz para reencontrarse con sus familias, con sus conciudadanos, con un mundo entero que espera por ellos.

El milagro se ha sucedido, cuando se produjo el derrumbe, pudieron llegar a la zona de resguardo que cada mina debe poseer por seguridad, donde hay alimentos, oxigeno, y pudieron sobrevivir.

Quienes creemos en Dios,pensamos que su fuerza superior ayudo tanto a los rescatistas,a quienes han trabajado denodadamente para llegar a donde estaban los mineros, como a esos hombres, que han mantenido intacta su fe, su valor, que han conformado un grupo solidario sabiendo que sino lo hacian no sobrevivirian, que la fuerza estaba en la UNIDAD.

Hoy las familias, un pueblo, muchos pueblos, el mundo espera por el milagro que se producira al salir esos 33 hombres que son un simbolo, el simbolo de lo que logra la fe, la esperanza, el trabajar por el bien comun, dejando de lado egoismos, deseos de atropellar al otro y solo pensar en que “juntos se puede lograr mas”, que juntos en la lucha se consigue el bien comun, ” que la unidad hace la fuerza”.

Quien sea creyente, que levante una plegaria, quien no lo sea que con el pensamiento positivo, y sabiendo lo que es la empatia, ponerse en el lugar del otro, envie sus fuerzas para que este renacer, se lleve a cabo sin problemas y de la mejor forma posible.
Al pueblo de chile, al pueblo boliviano, que tengan fe, que luche, y que esto sea solo el comienzo de la union de los pueblos.

A las familias, que esto los una mas como familia, que esa fe, esa entrega el pasar dias y dias en el campamento esperanza, sea solo un simbolo de la union familiar, del amor familiar.

A quienes han participado de alguna u otra forma en el rescate, en trabajar denodadamente para extraer a los 33 mineros, las gracias por todo lo que han hecho, tambien el saber que el trabajador ayudando a otro trabajador logra las mayores cosas.

Y que decir de esos 33 hombres, que son hombres, personas de gran valor,que han puesto lo mejor de si y no se dejaron llevar por mezquindades humanas, sino que han demostrado que el hombre aun mantiene los valores, y que en el entendido que el bien del otro es el bien propio, demostraron lo que es solidaridad, lo que es un grupo unido, y lo que logra un conjunto de hombres que en lugar de pensar en si mismos piensan en el otro.

Pasan las horas y el momento se acerca, vivamos con alegria y fe estos momentos, disfrutemos del nacimiento de la madre tierra, del volver a la luz de estos 33 hombres y la historia continuara y ellos y sus familias las escribiran juntos …….

the paper the miners send to the up, the first new all know the 33 miners were alive

under the mine one of the suvivors miners,the first all can see

view of the miners with the cam that come into the mine


Today is the day of St. Patrick, patron of Ireland, was a Catholic priest, that its maximum expression was the ease with which evangelized, reaching all the people, making known God’s word to every inhabitant of the higher classes and the poorest, explaining very clearly what it means god and the holy trinity, for which use the 3-leaf clover.

St. Patrick explained that the clover (called shamrock) is one, as is the Holy Trinity, each leaf represents a part of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Each is an entity in itself, but the three are the Holy Trinity, the divine unity.
The three petals symbolize the three persons in one God.

Another ancient tradition says that St. Patrick sought God’s grace that Ireland be forever free from poisonous snakes and insects and that his prayer was accepted. So the artists are shown standing near the shore of the ocean and at his grim expression fleeing snakes deep into the earth to the sea.

What is more honored in St. Patrick’s is his loyalty to the conversion of the people and despite the difficulties and obstacles it fully realized.

It is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland (a party out of habit and not legal in Northern Ireland); in Montserrat and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

His final words are these:

Christ protect me today,
Against poison, fire,
Against water, against injury,
To receive the award.
Christ with me Christ before me,
Christ behind me Christ within,
Below Christ, Christ above,
Christ on my right hand, Christ on my left,
Christ in the fort,
Christ leading the float,
Christ in the ship’s stern,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.
I make myself stronger today with ligation
The invocation of the Holy Trinity,
The faith of the Trinity in Unity
The creator of all elements. “


Chinese year has begun metal tiger, the 2010, today 14 February, the Chinese people celebrate the beginning of the year.

The Tiger is the Chinese sign of luck and abundance, to born in the tiger year means for the chinese a very good sign for the person.

The tiger represents strength and power, authority, and as it represents can also represent a danger if not well-known face or else all these characteristics are known to make good use of them.

Chinese years are repeated every 12 years, and what has happened in the years of the tiger worldwide have been different situations:

1962 – Year of the Tiger of water – almost started World War III with the missile crisis between the USSR and the United States, with the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba.
1974-Tiger Wood – Richard Nixon suffered the Watergate scandal.
1986 – Fire Tiger – President Reagan suffered Irangate ”

The Tiger is the sign that accompanies the emergence of the life force in the spring, as spring begins when it begins, according to the Chinese calendar.
In eastern China’s Mount Tai, in the early spring, the emperor was up there to give offerings to the nature and call for harmony between man and his environment. Tai means renewal, progress and growth and if we can be in harmony with our surroundings, the year of Tiger will propel us toward happiness, peace and prosperity.

The Chinese calendar is lunisolar. It takes into account both the cycle of the earth around the sun (year), like the Moon around the Earth (month), unlike the Gregorian, which uses only the first. Six decades up his century, divided into five cycles of 12 years, each represented by an animal: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.


You discover the serenity and tranquility in a world impossible to understand.

That pain you have lived, and the problems you have experienced give you the power to walk through life facing every situation with optimism and courage.

Do not forget that there will be people whose love and understanding will always be with you even when you feel alone.

You discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of PEACE.

Generous a word, a hug and a smile be yours every day of your life, and you can give these gifts as well as receive them.

Teach love to those who hate, and let that love will strengthen.

Remember that these people whose lives you touched, and those who have left their mark on you, always occupy a special place in your heart. No matter whether the encounter was short and not what you expected or wanted.

May you find time each day to appreciate the beauty and love around you.
Remember that as humans we have many things in common, but deep down everyone is different. Appreciates and respects the differences.

You see a future full of possibilities. What you feel you lack in the present can be your strength in the future.

I wish you find enough strength within yourself to determine your worth by yourself, and do not rely on the opinion of others to recognize your skills.

Remember to forget the friends that proved untrue, but never forget to remember those who stood with you.

I want to forget the things you sad, but never forget to remember the things you happy.

You never miss a Love where your heart can keep safe.

Good luck pursue you each day and every night.

You’ll never miss the fire that gives you heat, no water to soothe your thirst.

I wish you to live your time and your life as you want, and you never do what others want to live.

Do not worry too much about the material. Enhances more kindness and generosity that dwell in your heart.

Always remember to forget the problems are over.


Author: Sekhar Mellt Ludy’s book: “Caresses the Soul”



Many times we can what is JUSTICE , in which is based JUSTICE to convict or not a person.

If we look for the definition of justice we can find many:
* Action to consider claims by someone, agreeing what is fair.

* Attribute of God, which rewards or punishes each person according to their deserts.
With this we may also infer that it would be the attribute that the judiciary, and state power that has been created to regulate certain rules of conduct that have evolved over time in order to achieve a peaceful and harmonious coexistence, shares rewards or punishes people according to behave or act.

* Revolutionary concept of justice is based on justice conceived as the human ability, based on ethical principles, moral and juridical pursues as its supreme goal to achieve the respect and proper exercise of individual or collective rights, for which purpose it must implement specific actions as coercion and / or sanction of human actions in the correct proportion, ie equating the value of the legally protected with the damage caused by the conduct or lack of it.

And if you still looking for will be many more depending on the time, societies, culture and also the thinking of each of the people inhabiting this planet.

What happens when the justice dispensed by the wrong man, is based on circumstantial facts, comments from other people, suspected of other people, not concepts, and scientific definition?

Yesterday, 17 December 2009, the justice dispensed by man had to admit he was wrong, after 35 years and through DNA testing, James Bain, hear when he was declare YOU’RE A FREE MAN, by a judge of Bartow (Florida), 35 years after being locked in a jail convicted in 1974 at the age of 19 years for kidnapping, rape and robbery of a 9 years child. Continue reading