Hoy antes del partido entre Uruguay y Holanda por la Copa Mundial de Futbol Sudafrica 2010,querida celeste escribo esto:
un pais pequeño, con solo 3 millones de habitantes, hoy esta cuarto entre los mejores del mundo, fuimos los que una vez ya te recibimos en 1928, 1930 y en 1950 “Maracanazo” cuando en Brasil nadie esperaba dimos la vuelta un resultado y salimos Campeones del Mundo, ese recuerdo siempre quedo en todos y talves en lugar de ayudarnos, nos estanco, porque quedamos viviendo de los recuerdos, que son buenos los recuerdos, pero siempre debemos seguir luchando para conseguir nuevas hazañas.

Hoy hemos logrado despues de 40 años, estar entre los 4 primeros del Mundo, ya hemos logrado mas de lo que esperabamos, y seguimos soñando, no se como saldra este partido frente a Holanda, pero sea cual sea el resultado, la mayor de las ganancias la tenemos, lo conseguimos, nos hemos superado a nosotros, mejoramos, decidimos luchar y poner nuestra ” garra charrua “ , en pos de un nuevo sueño.

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“The two of us looked out at the blue sky, the bare chestnut tree glistening with dew…” – Anne Frank, 23 February 1944

frankAnne Frank used to cover the chestnut tree from the window attic of the house back. In his diary she wrote about it. The tree, which has more than 150 years, is ill.

It was part of the contact she had with the outside, with nature, with time passing, with her before life, feeling she is alive anyway she was in the attic.

The tree – a white horse-chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum) of 150 years old – is at the bottom of the garden plot of 188 Keizersgracht.

The actress Emma Thompson made the web ” The tree of Anne Frank” in febrary of 2006, there you can leave a leaf in this Virtual memorial.
In each leaf you can also choose from differente messages.

The virtual tree is made with virtual images of the actual tree that grows in the garden behind the house of Anne Frank.

09_2006kastanjeboomThe town, the neighbors, Bomenstichting (Dutch Foundation for the defense of the trees), the Anne Frank House and the owner of the site have resulted in an agreement on the conservation of the chesnut tree.

Architects, builders and tree specialists have designed a special device support and reinforcement. This flexible construction keeps the trunk in place in case of fracture or inclination. But not in contact with the tree, so as not to impede their growth. The construction is necessary to ensure the safety of the interior gardens of the block.

Ten youth shoots of the chesnut tree of the Anne Franks house coming from Holland carry to the United States before the end of the year,the one she saw when she was hidden in the attic.
One of the shoot will be put in the ” zero zone”  of New York, in where the memorial of the 11 september will put and other maybe will be put in the Continue reading