The extraction of the miners of Chile is being conducted from the early hours of Wednesday, and 16 miners are rescued, moments of emotion, of joy, faith, madness, they have been.

Different reactions to reach the surface, but each of them wonderful, because each of these increases is a new life rescues, which has been saved.

What a wonderful madness Mario Sepulveda, their gifts of a rock that rose to the surface, his jumping wildly, his cries, the lecture he gave, citing the safety issue of mining work and respect for the family saying before making a mistake a man or woman should think of your partner, the love you have and the most incredible up asking for his dog as it was.

The rise of Mario Gomez, the largest of the miners, which was who had more fears for his health, the kiss he gave his wife, the love that is lavished on a man who for 12 years working in mines, and so 16 stories of those who have already gone up, the reception, the happiness of each of the people who are waiting, who have worked in this rescue.

All the 16 men who have risen to great, some better health, which you can tell those two months of imprisonment under 700 meters underground, but all with a wonderful value, although there are 17 men still in the mine, God be with you and they continue to hold high the faith, and above all the feeling of Unity, Solidarity, companionship, which is what kept them alive and allowed them to get ahead, never forgetting that UNITY AND RESPECT FOR LIFE, living apart the selfish feeling is what allows humans to achieve wonderful goals and overcoming every day.

You Chile, you can, all the town has done a wonderful job.
And as you scream Chi-chi-chi-chileeeeeee!

The order of eruption of 33 miners

1- Florencio Ávalos
2- Mario Sepúlveda
3- Juan Illanes
4- Carlos Mamani
5- Jimmy Sánchez
6- Osmán Araya
7- José Ojeda
8- Claudio Yáñez
9- Mario Gómez
10- Alex Vega
11- Jorge Galleguillos
12- Edison Peña
13- Carlos Barrios
14- Víctor Zamora
15- Víctor Segovia
16- Daniel Herrera
17- Omar Reygada
18- Esteban Rojas
19- Pablo Rojas
20- Darío Segovia
21- Yonny Barrios
22- Samuel Ávalos
23- Carlos Bugueño
24- José Henríquez
25- Renán Ávalos
26- Claudio Acuña
27- Franklin Lobos
28- Richard Villarroel
29- Juan Carlos Aguilar
30- Raúl Bustos
31- Pedro Cortez
32- Ariel Ticona
33- Luis Urzúa