International-Swine-Flu-A-001The World Health Organization declared today as a pandemic influenza AH1N1 also called swine flu, or influenza or AH1N1 just as influenza A, the maximum level 6, which means an expansion of the swine influenza virus.

“We have to understand very well that if we declare the pandemic phase 6, it means that the virus is spreading and that there is contagion in stable communities in countries of different regions,” said deputy general director, Keiji Fukuda.

The statement was taken after the reunion was held in Geneva by the comite of emergency. The first is that the flu World Health Organization declared pandemic.

The declaration of a pandemic does not, the preventive measures already taken, nor the declaration of a pandemic means that the number of deaths increased dramatically, but the declaration of a pandemic is more to governments, must face the problem and also due to the disease influenza has spread to several continents.

“That does not mean that the virus has become more severe the disease is more severe or the increased mortality rate.”

The main thing about the statement is to be maintained and preventive measures that the health facilities, they have provided this and more at the moment so that it arrives in a patient with symptoms of influenza AH1N1, precautionary measures are taken necessary, but to cure the patient and prevent the expansion.

flu_480“The swine flu virus (influenza A)” will circulate throughout the world for a year or two, and passed to people in a pandemic, ” says the number two of the World Health Organization (WHO), Keiji Fukuda.

Declaration of the pandemic of influenza AH1N1
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3 Responses

  1. I would like to know more about this pandemic and what are the steps to prevent or we as brothers and sisters need to adhere and take care of?

    I really worry about this. Circulation of this influenza will cause lots of people suffering and more and more will turn out to be different type of influenza.

    Anyone can give me some detail of this?

    • Josc,i could say that the new flu seems a simple flu the virus is different the steps to prevent is the same of a flu dont take contact with an ill person, clean the hands, if you are ill use a headscarf and dont sneezing on another person.
      If you feel you have some of the syntoms:
      muscle pain
      and the one of the flu go to the doctor
      I believe the authorities make more panic that the problem has.
      At the end more people die for a common flu than for a swine flu, the problem at the beginning was that the virus was different so they dont know what the way the virus would take.
      The virus of the flu always change and will continue change meanwhile the virus exist.
      Also you can read here the other article would make clear about the flu i put here the links

      I hope this would help you if you have another doubt tell me i could be glad to help you

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