Today is the day of St. Patrick, patron of Ireland, was a Catholic priest, that its maximum expression was the ease with which evangelized, reaching all the people, making known God’s word to every inhabitant of the higher classes and the poorest, explaining very clearly what it means god and the holy trinity, for which use the 3-leaf clover.

St. Patrick explained that the clover (called shamrock) is one, as is the Holy Trinity, each leaf represents a part of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Each is an entity in itself, but the three are the Holy Trinity, the divine unity.
The three petals symbolize the three persons in one God.

Another ancient tradition says that St. Patrick sought God’s grace that Ireland be forever free from poisonous snakes and insects and that his prayer was accepted. So the artists are shown standing near the shore of the ocean and at his grim expression fleeing snakes deep into the earth to the sea.

What is more honored in St. Patrick’s is his loyalty to the conversion of the people and despite the difficulties and obstacles it fully realized.

It is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland (a party out of habit and not legal in Northern Ireland); in Montserrat and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

His final words are these:

Christ protect me today,
Against poison, fire,
Against water, against injury,
To receive the award.
Christ with me Christ before me,
Christ behind me Christ within,
Below Christ, Christ above,
Christ on my right hand, Christ on my left,
Christ in the fort,
Christ leading the float,
Christ in the ship’s stern,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.
I make myself stronger today with ligation
The invocation of the Holy Trinity,
The faith of the Trinity in Unity
The creator of all elements. “


Nearly 22 hours of the earthquake in Chile, and recently in these last hours, has taken a real conscience of what happened.

At first it was thought that although the quake had been of 8.8 degrees on the scale of Richert, Chile infrastructure after the earthquake in Valdivia in 1960 (which was 9.5 the largest earthquake worldwide known and registered) was amended and is an anti-earthquake structure, had been able to endure the scourge of this earthquake of great magnitude.
But over the hours have been made aware, that even if the infrastructure in their great majority was prepared to endure earthquakes, collapse, bridges intact, portions of bridges, buildings recent years, the same airport in Santiago, Chile – located about 600 km from the epicenter of the quake have been affected greatly.

About 300 dead and are being counted, which may be enhanced by the large number of casualties, missing persons especially in areas where there have been tsunami, missing under the rubble, about 2 million homeless.

When the tsunami warning was given and the hours passing thought that nothing would happen, but the water came into the coastal cities several kilometers inland, destroying cities, houses, causing injuries and deaths.
The authorities and media also talk about surfing without naming what it has been a tsunami, the tsunami in Indonesia since 2004, is thought to only cause a tsunami wave that size greater than 8 meters, but in reality a tsunami can be defined as a wave or a group of high-energy waves and size that occur when an extraordinary phenomenon vertically displaces a large mass of water.
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EARTHQUAKE IN CHILE of 8.8 magnitude Richter

Today Saturday, 27 February 2010 at 3:34 am ET Chilean earthquake of 8.8 magnitude in Chile struck.

The epicenter was located 325 kilometers southwest of Santiago (the capital of Chile – which also felt the earthquake and there have been massive damage -), 115 km from Concepcion, Chile’s second city, which has a population of 200 000 inhabitants, is a city that the majority of the population lives by the Bio Bio river and 96 miles from the ski resort of Chillan.

After the earthquake, there have been 11 aftershocks of magnitudes higher, 6.0 degrees or more.

A part of what has been the quake because of its great power, and the location of where the epicenter was there a tsunami warning.

Already there has been a tsunami, the flooding of the ocean on the Juan Fernandez archipelago area especially in the Robinson Crusoe island, which reached up to half of the island, when in this area 3 missing.

A tsunami warning is not only for Chile but also to Peru, Ecuador, and parts of Central America.

The Tsunami Warning Center said Pacific Tsunami warnings were issued in 53 countries in South America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Russia and many Pacific islands.

Even in neighboring Argentina, where capital Buenos Aires, felt the quake, and more in nearby provinces such as Mendoza, bearing in mind that even this separating both countries, the Andes, has been said that there were some landslides of stones.

The steeple of the church of Our Lady of Providencia in Santiago, Chile, collapsed, many buildings including hospitals have been affected.

Until now, there are 122 death, it is expected that the number of deaths may increase due to the large number of wounded and that many passages between the collapsed freeways getting caught several cars and several people, to occur in the morning recently a few hours ago are looking great existing damage, and in lifting the existing debris begin to see dead people.

It has declared a state of catastrophe in the 3 regions of Chile most affected by the quake, President Michelle Bachelet, asked all the population to remain calm and not leave, do not use cars if necessary, have the responsibility to know which currently have to avoid walking through disaster areas due to potential landslides and major aftershocks.

God bless Chile and all the citizen and give them the force to face these situation.

UNIVERSITY OF CHILE Seismological Service




GOOGLE PAGE TO FIND PEOPLE IN CHILE – Person Finder: Chile Earthquake


U.S. Geological Survey – U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center:


Chinese year has begun metal tiger, the 2010, today 14 February, the Chinese people celebrate the beginning of the year.

The Tiger is the Chinese sign of luck and abundance, to born in the tiger year means for the chinese a very good sign for the person.

The tiger represents strength and power, authority, and as it represents can also represent a danger if not well-known face or else all these characteristics are known to make good use of them.

Chinese years are repeated every 12 years, and what has happened in the years of the tiger worldwide have been different situations:

1962 – Year of the Tiger of water – almost started World War III with the missile crisis between the USSR and the United States, with the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba.
1974-Tiger Wood – Richard Nixon suffered the Watergate scandal.
1986 – Fire Tiger – President Reagan suffered Irangate ”

The Tiger is the sign that accompanies the emergence of the life force in the spring, as spring begins when it begins, according to the Chinese calendar.
In eastern China’s Mount Tai, in the early spring, the emperor was up there to give offerings to the nature and call for harmony between man and his environment. Tai means renewal, progress and growth and if we can be in harmony with our surroundings, the year of Tiger will propel us toward happiness, peace and prosperity.

The Chinese calendar is lunisolar. It takes into account both the cycle of the earth around the sun (year), like the Moon around the Earth (month), unlike the Gregorian, which uses only the first. Six decades up his century, divided into five cycles of 12 years, each represented by an animal: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.


Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabañas, currently playing for Club America of Mexico, was severely injured by bullets in the head, after which on 25 January 2010, at a bar called “Bar-Bar” in the Federal District of Mexico, following a robbery or a fight is not yet clear that really happened, someone shot with a .22 caliber in the head.

After a long operation, was not able to extract the bullet lodged in the brain, striker Salvador Cabañas, get talking to the hospital, if somewhat clueless, but his condition remains serious, denied the rumor was brain dead but some media also claim his death, the President of Mexico Club America, Michel Bauer, where plays the Paraguayan player denied such rumors and said that now only remains to support Salvador Cabañas and his family.


THE destruction of a country, Haiti suffered an earthquake of 7 degrees in the Richter scale, mired in poverty and despair, A SHOT OF NATURE destroyed the city of Puerto Principe, Haiti’s capital.

Haiti, the poorest country in Latin America, shaken by an earthquake of 7 degrees on the Richter scale, the 12th of January 2010, faces the pain again, to more dead, more wounded, more poverty.

Moments of anxiety were experienced throughout Haiti, especially its capital, Puerto Principe, that entire neighborhoods were completely destroyed, until the government palace was destroyed, the hotel where they stayed the UN mission to Haiti has gone, much of the employees UN are missing even the head of mission, which the UN logistics in Haiti had prepared, this missing., homes destroyed, whole populations, many people missing, many buried alive in the rubble waiting for someone to rescue the surviving wounded, searching for their family, trying to go to a hospital, where most hospitals also collapsed, sleeping on the street, aided by others as they too suffer the pain of the impact of this earthquake.

Haiti, a country that lives off foreign aid, where corrupt officials for many years, the problems of nature, 4 hurricane that nearly destroyed the island that Haiti was made recently come recostruyendo, reaching this fateful January 12 when the “earth shook,” and misfortune settled back in Haiti.

Now solidarity must be present, all people have to say here we are, up to this country, help their people, and empower them so they can fend for himself, they deserves the Haitian people, their culture , their courage, their faith and their want to achieve a better way to live.

Today I write as a Uruguayan, a Latin American, as a woman who at that time spoke with a Dominican friend and says “the earth trembles,” while CNN on television told me what was happening, the fear they felt by those friends, beloved by all people in that land, I speak as a human being, it was time for solidarity, to think of the other, in thinking that another human being we need to give it all we can think maybe is not much, but a grain of sand, plus a bit more, make the large beach.

God bless the Haitian people and force them for survival against these very tough, so ungrateful, so painful, who are of faith pray for them, send those who are not his strength and energy as they can cooperate maybe in a smaller form among all we can make the difference.

These are addresses where you can communicate to express solidarity, seek recognized organizations, but the crooks are always taking advantage of the pain of others if they have questions Communicate with the embassies of countries from Haiti or who know they are sending aid and cooperation to Haiti or the UN headquarters, BID, or nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross, Caritas, A roof for my country.

UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS – version en español – http://www.untechoparamipais.org/?p=829

english version – http://www.untechoparamipais.org/english/

CARITAS HAITIhttp://www.caritashaiti.org/

INTERNATIONAL CARITAShttp://www.caritas.org/




CAMARA DE COMERCIO DOMINICO HAITIANAhttp://www.camaradecomerciodominicohaitiana.com/ ( the dominican republic is helping in a great way to his fellow country Haiti, much of the help can do for this way in the embassies of de Dominican Republic throw all the world and the dominicans haitians commerce chance – you can get information there )

UNICEF – http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/haiti_52435.html



YELE HAITI – organization of haitian singer Nelust Wyclef Jean – http://www.yele.org/

Haiti, el pais mas pobre de america latina, sacudido por un fuerte sismo de 7 grados en la escala de ritcher, el dia 12 de enero de 2010, se enfrenta al dolor nuevamente, a mas muertos, a mas heridos, a mas pobreza.

Momentos de zozobra se vivieron en todo Haiti, especialmente en su capital Puerto Principe, que barrios enteros quedaron destruidos totalmente, hasta el palacio de gobierno fue destruido, el hotel donde se alojaba la mision de la ONU para Haiti ha desaparecido, mucho de los empleados de la ONU estan desaparecidos incluso el jefe de mision, con lo cual la logistica que la ONU tenia preparada en Haiti, esta desaparecida., hogares destruidos, poblaciones enteras, mucha gente desaparecida, muchos enterrados vivos entre los escombros esperando que alguien los rescate, los que sobrevivieron heridos, buscando a sus familiares, tratando de ir a un hospital, cuando la mayoria de los hospitales tambien colapsaron, durmiendo en la calle, ayudados por otros que como ellos tambien sufren el dolor del impacto de este terremoto.

Haiti, es un pais que vive de la ayuda extranjera, donde las autoridades corruptas durante muchos anos, los problemas de la propia naturaleza, 4 huracanes que casi destruyen la isla, hicieron que Haiti se viniera recien recostruyendo, y llega este fatidico 12 de enero, cuando la ” tierra temblo ” y la desgracia se asento de nuevo en Haiti.

Ahora la solidaridad tiene que hacerse presente, todos los pueblos tienen que decir aqui estamos, levantar a este pais, ayudar a su gente, y darles las herramientas para que ellos puedan salir adelante por si mismo, se lo merece el pueblo haitiano, su cultura, su valor, su fe y sus ganas de superarse.

Hoy escribo como una uruguaya, como una latinoamericana, como una mujer que en ese momento hablaba con un amigo dominicano y me dice “tiembla la tierra”, al mismo tiempo que la cnn en la television me decia lo que pasaba, el miedo que senti por esos amigos, por toda la gente querida en esa tierra, hablo como ser humano, llego el momento de ser solidarios, de pensar en el otro, en pensar que el otro ser humano nos necesita, a dar eso que todos podemos, talves pensemos que no es mucho, pero un granito de arena, mas un granito de arena, forma la gran playa.

Estos son direcciones donde se puede comunicar para expresar su solidaridad, busquen organizaciones reconocidas, siempre aparecen los sinverguenzas de siempre que se aprovechan del dolor ajeno, si tienen dudas comuniquense con las embajadas de Haiti o de paises que saben que estan mandando ayuda y cooperacion para Haiti o con sedes de la ONU, BID, u organizaciones sin fines de lucro como la Cruz Roja, Caritas, Un techo para mi pais.

Dios bendiga al pueblo haitiano y les de la fuerza para lograr sobrevivir a estos momentos tan duros, tan ingratos, tan dolorosos, quienes son de fe oren por ellos, quienes no lo son manden sus fuerzas y su energia y cuando puedan cooperen talves de la forma mas pequeña hagamos entre todos la diferencia.


The died of a GREAT , SANDRO DE AMERICA, “Roberto Sanchez”, Buenos Aires, 19 August 1945 –  Mendoza, Mendoza Province, 4 January 2010.

Published 52 original albums and sold 8 million copies, the first Latin American singer to sing in the  Madison Square Garden on 11 April 1970, the man that caused the women to throw their underwear, matching their movements to their hips mad idol Elvis Presley to “his girls”, the singer even away from the stage since 1999 (due to chronic pulmonary emphysema, and that because of that had to be carried out, a double heart and lung transplantation), each birthday his girls at the door of his house sang happy birthday. Continue reading